Synagogue Of Satan: The Chabad Lubavitch Khazarian Mafia Nazi Jews of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin has made what most people in the West to be an outrageous claim during his statement before his incursion into Ukraine. What was his claim? That he is hunting Nazi’s, and denazifying Ukraine.

Putin’s Denazification of the Ukraine.

This story is schizophrenic, that’s not my fault. That’s what happens when so many people pretend to be someone else, especially in one place like the Ukraine…

Here’s what’s been percolating underneath the surface of Ukrainian society for the past few years.

There are so many unholy alliances in Ukraine, it makes one’s head spin.


How did post-coup Ukraine neo-Nazi Azov battalion obtain Israeli-licensed Tavor rifles? Such licenses cannot be granted without full coordination of the Israeli government. Since Soros financed the 2014 coup is Israel coordinating with neo-Nazis?

Of course they are!


The most famous of the Jew Nazi’s, George Soros said this in 2015. Here he is bragging brags about “the Soros Empire replacing the Soviet Empire” in Europe.

Using NATO to build SOROS empire. Here is your King.

A Little History

The territory now called Ukraine was once the heart of the Khazar/Chazar Kingdom. This kingdom was largely unknown to the general population until Arthur Koestler wrote about its history in his 1976 book, The Thirteenth Tribe.

Koestler was a Jewish novelist and historian who was fascinated by his own ancestry as a Khazarian.

Historically speaking, the Khazar kingdom was established before Russia itself. It was centered in what is now called The Ukraine but included also neighboring countries like Kazakhstan. The Russians eventually conquered the Khazars and incorporated their land into Russia. In 1917 the Khazars, in turn, overthrew Russia and established the Soviet Union. This was not a Russian Revolution but a Jewish Revolution in Russia. That is why the Lower East Side of New York City—the Jewish section—sent the first 256 commissars to rule Russia, including Rabbi Leon Bronstein, who took the name Leon Trotsky.

After a 70-year captivity, the Soviet Union began to collapse and break apart. The Socialist republics became relatively independent, including The Ukraine. This brings us to the present conflict, where Russia is again overthrowing the Khazar stronghold.


The Supreme Court building is located in Jerusalem & was donated to Israel by Dorothy de Rothschild, wife of James Armand de Rothschild of the French banking dynasty The pyramid in the center area is an architectural representation of the 2nd temple period.


Chabad Lubavitch

The Abraham Accords: Chabad President Trump’s Greater Israel is Born

Putin is the most pro-Jewish leader in Russia’s history. Whatever he is, anti-Semite ain’t it. Zero Ukrainian Jews are in danger now, as war looms, because they are Jews.


Sure, Putin’s tight with Russia’s Jewish community (in some cases, very tight), and with Israel (so much that Israel isn’t sure what side it’s on in the Ukraine mess…ok, kinda Russia’s), he surrounds himself with Jews, but Putin’s planning another Shoah in Ukraine.

“Putin may not be good for Russia, but he’s definitely good for the Jews of Russia” –Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie, quoted in his 2014 National Jewish Retreat talk ‘Chabad, Mossad and the KGB’

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CHABAD Ukraine created the pretext for CHABAD Putin/Russia to invade Ukraine. “Putin claimed his goal is the de-Nazification of Ukraine.”


CHABAD Rebbe Schneerson. “The Slavs are temporary guests on these lands and are subject to eviction. We will return this territory, and build the Great Khazaria – the Jewish state, as 50 years ago, we created Israel.”


Ex-Chabad Ed Hodos: “Ukrainian in Jewish hands & 80% of the economy.” para 33



Chabad on the left, Chabad on the right, Chabad to settle the peace.


The New Jerusalem Project

Information deleted


“The official announcement of the New Jerusalem project is planned to be made after the adoption of the law on decentralization of Ukraine in 2021-2022. In July 2019, Switzerland allocated € 25 million, for the decentralization of Ukraine”


“The New Jerusalem project started in early 2017 with the landing in the port of Odessa of the first group of immigrants from Israel, which was headed by I. Berkut This group of 183 Jewish pioneers came to Ukraine from Haifa (Israel).”

Zelensky – Lion of Jerusalem. Harry Berkut. 24.05.2019 Use auto-translate Subtitles to English

Igor Berkut. Part I. Ukraine-Israel: One People, One Destiny.

The Black Sun

I see a whole lot of people becoming aware of geo-political power structure & media narratives… but they choose to remain ignorant that there is a whole hidden world right in front of them. Symbolism is everywhere & when you understand it you see what this is really about.


This symbol represents a belonging in some capacity to The Cult of The Black Sun. The Cult uses portal technology, both natural with Stargates & specially aligned natural temples, as well as their sigil, that works as a portal connected to anything or anyone that adorns it

The idea is to siphon Vril (Prana/Qi/Lifeforce) through these portals to feed the egrigore (or manifested thought form) of the central or black sun.

The Cult of The Black Sun is the cult of war. Present in both WW1 & WW2, and perhaps even instigating both through geopolitical power moves, this cult moves entire armies into natural temples or man made grid patterns to entrap the people’s life force energy into the matrix.

All wars are life force harvesting rituals. This isn’t about power, it’s about life. It’s about entrapment of the life force energy. Then transmutated into dark energy/matter to feed energies that rely on the inversion of sun/light energy to survive.

One of the Cults main strongholds is in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. The connection to the Khazars (the current force in power in Ukraine) is undeniable. They have built many man made Stargates across the world. Turkmenistan being the crown jewel.


The Cult of The Black Sun represents a threefold holy trinity of veneration. Going back to Mesopotamia. The 8 pointed star representing Venus (Feminine) The 12 pointed star representing Anu (The father) The Black dot representing the Zero Point (Inner Sun, Holy Spirit)

The Cult believes the earth is flat & that a central sun (earths core) powers the underworld. The sigil is also a map, representing the 12 sun phases/months with the centerpoint representing the entry to agartha/hyperborea/underworld.

The Cult operates solely in the energetic paradigms of the inverted tree of life. Masters of the Qlippoth, inverters of everything divine. Obsessed with the impure, obsession and working in spite of human divinity.

These people are NOT Nazi’s. Nazi’s are just the surface, operating in geo politics & carrying out the subverted will of the cult. Nazi’s are merely puppets & are too used as energetic fodder. Not even Hitler himself had access to the society.

The Cult has a similar power structure to the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry & Military Industrial Complex. All use the archetypal power structures of nature to harness power. Geopolitical Ops (Nazis) Mind War Ops (SS) Body Occult Ops (Black Sun) Spirit

Wars are always life force harvesting rituals. Beyond the layers of propaganda there is a truth of ancient war between the houses of power worldwide. This war is a power struggle between ancient Germanic bloodlines.

The world is getting really close to discovering Nazis are Jews. Khazarians hunting Biblical Jews.


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Holocaust denial, the denial of the systematic genocidal killing of approximately six million Jews in Europe by Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 1940s, is illegal in 16 European countries and Israel.