UN Police Training Center is in… China!

DEFUNDING Police Services can be replaced by UN Police!


Chinese Police Officers!

Brought to you by BLM and the NWO!

It get’s better! Their HQ is in New York! And they are aligned with the UN Military (R2P)! All controlled by the UN Security Council!

New York is “Defunding” Police Services!


New York City Mayor Bill DiBlasio announced last week that he would reduce the budget of the NY Police Dept. & shift money into youth & social services. He didn’t specify how much of the $6 billion budget would be shifted, saying that it would be worked out in the budget process.

New York was the first city in the world to report directly to the United Nations on Agenda 2030!

Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City, proclaimed July 11 Global Goals Day!



But this is just a prediction. It could be Chicago? Obama’s buddy already asked for UN Assistance!


Oh Look! They’re recruiting!

UN Authorizes Officials to Start Working With ANTIFA!


BLM=Muslim Brotherhood=ANTIFA=UN=NWO! New World Order = C H I N A/R O T H S C H I L D

Planning the Downfall of America

Trudeau, BLM, the Muslim Brotherhood & the Illuminati: #DownfallOfAmerica

The Trudeau Government funds the UN POlice Force!


Leaked UN Document shows the Mision of the United Nations Police Force is to assist member nations with the confiscation of weapons!


R2P (Responsibility To Protect) invoked by UN Security Council (Why Trudeau wants a seat). Allows the UN Military to intervene when Nations can no longer protect their citizens bypassing sovereignty! G20 will soon make changes allowing the 20 “observer only” status the right-to-vote!


China Buys UN Security Council Votes!

China backs G20 Debt Relief for 3rd World Nations

Many are “observers” on UN Security Council & are dictatorships!


UN Security Council controls the UN Military!

The NWO is coming together!



10 thoughts on “UN Police Training Center is in… China!

  1. Yep. Global Policing… makes perfect sense when you understand communitarian law… most people do not acknowledge that we are living under communitarianism so they haven’t connected the dots as brilliantly as you have… of course all this fake grassroots bullshit of “defund the police” leads to their removal in place of the UN police force of Chinese and Israeli trained minions in pale blue hats for the globalists. How stupid do Canadians have to be? Why don’t their police stop bullying their citizens? They are just doing their job for their sworn master [the Queen]… which is unfortunate because that dishonourable old wretch in the UK is not royal.
    A royal would not sell out her people and destroy her culture, society and freedoms… sickening.

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