Pink Noise: Can Ultrasonic Sound Break Down Phonon Reduced Graphene Oxide?

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM

In The Franco Vitaliano patent he mentions the activation of these Clathrin Nanotechnology, that they can be activated at very low frequencies such as a table lamp or at very high frequencies such as an MRI. WE determined that the low frequency range is at 75 Hz and that the high frequency range is at 900 Mega Hz. Since brain cells operate in the 0-100 Hz range we believe the low frequencies are intended for brain manipulation whereas the high frequencies are intended for communication transmission. 1

The Science of ELF’s

Dr. Patrick Flannigan who stated that if you wanted to counteract brain control you would need a circuit that could project “white noise”… so if there were frequencies being emitted that could interfere with brain functions than a white noise generator would emit a counter signal to that frequency thus wiping it out altogether.

The Neurophone device, developed in 1958 by Dr. Patrick Flanagan, can convert sound (like words and music) into electrical impulses, which can be transferred through any point on the body directly into the brain, bypassing the ear and associated hearing mechanisms, entirely.

5G towers are emitting a 50 Hz frequency wave in pulses. This would be the ELF wave we were talking about. We know the towers are emitting EMFs in the Giga Hz but they are also emitting ELF waves (magnetic fields) in the lower range. This is what CoVFeFe was all about. 2

The NWO doctors are about supplying the body with NAC to help raise the Glutathione (GTH) levels. GTH is called the body’s MASTER ANTIOXIDANT. So why are they NOT asking for GTH supplementation instead? First, NAC inhibits the NFKB pathway …. your immune system (both innate and acquired) and Pro-inflammatory pathways that are beneficial to the body. 3

However, Glutathione itself is inhibited by ELFs in the 50 Hz range! The ELF range! 4 5 6

Now the Front Line Doctors are starting to push GTH, but it’s a losing battle. Although GTH will not inhibit the NF-KB pathway it will act to convert GO to rGO. Stops inflammation, but causes more inflammation. It’s the frequencies!! There is no cure with supplements. Supplements only speed up rGO formation as they build their Neuralink! 7

Basically we are dealing with a HIGH EMF that is converting GO to rGO causing heat and inflammation…. and a low ELF that is shutting down our body’s inflammatory responses! GTH itself! These extremely low frequencies ELFs can cause inflammation on all endothelial cells: heart, lungs, intestines, eyes, mouth, etc and they will kill the natural gut biome you need to survive. Kill the gut-brain axis… kill the person! 8

Clathrin Nanotech that is activated with LOW MFs 75 Hz and high EMFs 900 MHz.

These frequencies are being carried by Cell Towers in what are called MODULATING WAVES: A high wave mixed with low waves or high EMF with a low MF (ELF).

I believe they mixed these wave so that they could deliver the MFs. Why? MF can only travel short distances 3-50 meters…. EMFs can travel 1500 meters. By mixing high and low frequencies you can extend your reach of the low MFs.

Also High EMFs have a hard time getting into your home, especially concrete, but low MFs can easily penetrate everything (except galvanized steed or iron).

Which waves are getting into your home? MFs can get in on cell phones, routers, laptops, your hard wired devices and ALSO on the electrical wiring in your home! Since you now are producing the Clathrin Nanotechnology that is influenced by LOW MFs you can become “activated” inside your home! Your brain cells are accumulating GO and if you go near any high EMF they will become reduced into an electrical heat producing reduced graphene oxide molecule rGO.

These magnetic Field frequencies coming from Cell Towers and also the power grid, can activate the Clathrin Nanotechnology the NWO introduced into the vaccine, the swab and those infected with Omicron (the virus itself). 9 The Vitaliano Patents on this technology reveal that these Clathrin Nanotech is activated by ELFs as small as a table lamp and EMFs as high as GiGa Hz! If this is the case, applying a frequency directly to the brain will counteract these incoming frequencies and shut down the Clathrin Nanotechnology itself!

Mitigating ELF’s

White noise produces a frequency range of 20 – 20,000 Hz. Pink Noise also produces frequencies in that range but it can penetrate the body more efficiently! You need to surround yourself with PINK NOISE! Ideally build an old Walkman with headphones and use a CD with pink noise or install a pink noise system, the body needs to FEEL THE FREQUENCY!

Dr. Patrick Flanagan was asked in 1996 how to block ELF’S…. he said white noise machine amplified in the house.

“Dr. Flanagan suggested that a circuit be constructed. The system he described would start with a “white noise” generator. (These are available from organizations like the Sharper Image.) The white noise generator speaker would be disconnected and the speaker’s wire leads would be connected to the input side of a power amplifier. The output side of that power amplifier would then be connected to an insulated copper wire which would be looped once around the area which was to be protected against ELF. This circuit would provide protection for low power density ELF signals. The purpose of the system is to create a situation where the ELF signals cannot “lock” onto biological systems — like human beings. The effectiveness of the system would be based upon its actual construction and the ELF power levels in the area. The components for construction can be readily obtained from electronic supply houses and can be built by people skilled in electronics to assure that the components sizes match correctly.

“While we realize that many people will not be able to construct these devices themselves we looked into the possibility of producing them. Dr. Flanagan has designed two systems. One for personal use has been designed which can be kept close to your body and kept with you throughout the day. The device does not have any physical effect on the user it only serves to dissipate radiations which would otherwise have a negative physical effect. This device is about the size of a cassette tape. A second device has been designed for use in the home. This device is intended to remain in the house or work location in a fixed position. Both of these devices will be made available in the next several months. The cost of the home unit will be about $300. The cost of the personal unit will be about $100.

“It is also important to note is that this system will also guard against other ELF sources which may be present in the home which are created by appliances, power lines, etc.” 10

PINK NOISE generator will help you in your home if you eliminate all high EMFs (cell phones, wifi, computers routers, blue tooth etc….). This will mask low MFs coming into your house and help reduce inflammation/damage caused by these frequencies

You can build such a system. Start by using an old Sony Walkman CD player. Do not use anything with wifi in it! Then attach a Sony walkman head set. Earbuds will not work they emit EMFs and ELFs! Plug your headset into the Walkman CD player. Download a “pink noise” flac file from the internet and burn it on CD.

Pink Noise is able to penetrate the body more efficiently than white noise. VOILA! You must have the device transmit frequencies into your ear. You need to hear and feel the frequencies! Again, do not use anything that generates Wi-Fi frequencies.

Of course, you can splurge on the Flanagan Neurophone, designed by the man himself. 11

In Patrick Flanagans Neurophone he delivered “pink noise” using ultrasound. How can you copy this technology? We believe if you use “ultrasonic speakers” to emit your sound waves then that should be sufficient to deliver the frequencies directly into your ears and brain cells! Ultrasonic speaker generates ultrasound waves (high-frequency sound) modulated with audio signals and as these waves pass through the air they demodulate and sound can be heard. They differ from conventional loudspeakers which spread audible sound in a much wider radius than ultrasonic systems due to larger wavelengths. Just make sure they are not wireless, don’t use wifi or blue-tooth! Ya… the old-fashoned ones!

In Flanagan’s Neurophone, it says it protects from High EMFs so in theory it should shut down the rGO circuit? I would call the manufactures, they say it protects from 4G and 5G waves? But it will not protect you from a pulsating modulated wave carrying BOTH a low and a HIGH…. it will only cross out the HIGH.

You can stop the Clathrin altogether and the damage to the endothelial cells as well as our body’s MASTER ANTIOXIDANT Glutathione, BUT, can we shut down the rGO circuit? You can definitely SLOW down the damage, but GO is still being converted to rGO From the high EMFs.

This article posted in 2022 was deleted; “In the ultra-low frequency range, when all other noise sources have been reduced or eliminated, the so-called ‘pink noise’, or 1/f, generally dominates and is the main challenge to address.” 12

They were trying to REDUCE PINK NOISE because it caused interference with the ELFs.

Reduction of conductivity of Graphene Oxide:

Phonons (infrasound) will activate Graphene Oxide without limits. An issue EMF mitigation cannot help with. 13 This article was retracted in 2022. 14

If you read this article the frequencies they are using are based on harmonics combining magnetic field frequencies with sound. The author cites Dr. Andreji Puharich’s work and indicates that the frequencies required to disrupt all human life energies is 8 Hz and 0.125 Hz; very low ELF frequencies. The only thing that can prevent these frequencies from hitting the body is perhaps mu-metal or living underground in a shelter made of rock, earth and steel (contains lead) which would act as a barrier to the incoming magnetic fields. Regardless, life under these conditions would eventually be impossible due to the lack of sunlight. 15

“Sonication is used in a desired solvent to exfoliate graphite oxide into single and multilayers of GO by pushing solvent molecules in between the layers and therefore converts the multilayer GO into single layer besides reducing flake size with increased sonication times.” 16

“While ultrasonication has been a standard method in the synthesis of GO or graphene materials, very few studies have been conducted to investigate the effect of audiosonic frequencies on exfoliation of graphite. Audiosonic is the range of frequencies that the average human may hear, i.e., 20 Hz to 20 kHz, which is well below the ultrasonic range. The advantages of audiosonication include its ability to leave the composition of the material intact, and its ability to decompose the material purely through mechanical vibration. 

“Audiosonic waves using a frequency of 170 Hz will produce GO In sonication, ultrasonic frequencies higher than 20 kHz are used. This is a standard procedure in the exfoliation of GO through cavitation.” 17

For our protocols on deactivating the nano technology, see; “Deactivating the Graphene Quantum Dots & Decoupling your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface”, and remember, NO FEAR.

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