DARPA Email Confirms, Franco Vitaliano Also Helped Invent the Internet!

In this DARPA email, dated September 15, 1987, Major Doug Hardie is praising Franco Vitaliano’s work with Software Robot Fixes while designing the internet.

On-line Robotic Repair of Software
“Maj. Doug Hardie” Hardie@DOCKMASTER.ARPA
Tue, 15 Sep 87 12:27 EDT
The following is taken from Business Week, Sep 7, 87 page 113.
With computer systems growing more pervasive and complex, maintenance
is a mounting headache – especially as networks rope together more
unrelated brands of equipment. Finding and fixing problems too often
turns into a finger-pointing contest among vendors.
But suppose there were a robot technician residing in software that
could worm its way freely through the system, periodically “exercising”
the diagnostic programs provided for each piece of equipment. Imagine
that this software robot is “smart” enough, when it discovers problems,
to run the applicable repair routines. Command Technologies Inc., a
Boston startup, claims its SoftRobot software does this and more. For
example, if a hard disk crashes, the SoftRobot might move data to
another system, restart the first drive, and restore the data. The
program, says Command President Franco Vitaliano, “fools the system into
thinking that a person is doing the work.” As a last resort, the system
summons a human. SoftRobots, which cost about $2,500 for
workstation-level systems, are being evaluated by a dozen computer

Franco Vitaliano was on the Internet Architect Board, which was a DARPA project.

This means that Franco Vitaliano was involved in the creation of the internet, the quantum cloud, the neural interface and the internet of things.

Franco & Gordana Vitaliano: The NWO’s Clathrin Neural Brain Snatchers

As the president of PITAC, which is the private DARPA set up under Obama’s Brain Initiative, Franco has the ultimate power in spreading the NWO’s “brain chip” under the guise of health and well-being.

mRNA Developer, Obama “Brain Interface” Tzar, Directly Connected to Fauci & AI Transhumanist COVID Agenda

Franco Vitaliano also controls the “HIV Drug Pipeline” that supplies all the neural link tech to subsidiary military and corporate organizations.

MetaQor tm Shortening The Drug Discovery Pipeline

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