Health Canada Approves Rothschild Funded, China Produced, COVID-19 Test Kits That Collect DNA!

Civilian Intelligence Network raw dig.

Approved by Dr. theresa Tam. Will be Used: Borders, Airports, Medical clinics, Pharmacies, and Places of Employment.

Spartan Biosciences Co-founded by Jaimie Spiegelman who previously worked on the “Human Genome” Project at Stanford University.

The “Human Genome” Project at Stanford University is financed by BioTrove Inc.

Parent Company of BioTrove Inc. is Life Technologies

Parent Company of BioTrove Inc is….. Thermo Fisher. Thermo Fisher owned by Rothschild!

Rothschild’s Reassembled Nazi I.G. Farben In China, Now They’re Making The Worlds Vaccines!

SAME Company Collecting DNA to maintain a DNA Data-base & Prosecute MILLIONS of Chinese Citizens!

Should you trust Spartan Biosciences to take a COVID-19 test sample?

ALL Approved by Dr. Theresa Tam!

Our American Friends are also included in this Rothschild-Biobanking Scheme!

Rutgers University Lab developed COVID “Saliva” DNA Test

Financed by RUCDR Infinite Biologics

In Partnership with Rothschild-owned Thermo Fisher!

“The Chinese Government is building the world’s largest police-run DNA database in close cooperation with key industry partners across the globe.”

“This DNA collection will allow governments to punish entire families as a result of one’s person’s activism”

Companies Involved: Thermo Fisher, AGCU Scientific, Microread Genetics.

Thermo Fisher owned by Rothschild Corporation. Founders of Covid-19 DNA “Saliva Test Kits”!!!

Wow! How fast they delete sites! Here’s another! The only one left! Took screen shots! January 22nd 2020 they increased shares by 34.32%

On April 16, 2020 Rothschild Corporation added an additional 6.69% of shares (Total=34.32+6.69=41%) There could be more?

Top 10 Shareholders: Vanguard (Rothschild), BlackRock (China: CCP) Fidelity (Desmarais Power Corporation)

BOOM: Canada’s Desmarais Family also owns interest in Thermo Fisher COVID Saliva test kits that are BioBanking our DNA!

One thought on “Health Canada Approves Rothschild Funded, China Produced, COVID-19 Test Kits That Collect DNA!

  1. They want our DNA data .. and yes, control… they’re insane control freaks…
    Add to this great article more intel from this 2020 really good video from the UK
    https://www.bitchute.com/video/2G0jwOkb4LDu/ .. with an accompanying article from Bridge Life in the Mix [a truly illuminated soul Sean Young] .. https://thebridgelifeinthemix.info/australia/epstein-martin-nowak-eric-lander-mit-sinister-genome-project-tied-covid-test/ … I for one never believed Epstein was dead.. these rich fuckers always fake their deaths… always…. but people are easily led.

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