Pandemic Propagandists of Canada’s COVID Clown Show.

Canuck Law takes us through the multi-spectrum world of pandemic propagandists. It is a message driven by a single dominating force that encompasses all the political parties, all the media and all the foundations.

Ever get the sense they are trying too hard?

Journalism Trust Initiative
Trusted News Initiative
Project Origin
The Trust Project


Supposedly to counter misinformation, this group has ties to Atlas/Koch, and to the Liberal Party.

Various “counter-misinformation groups”

Taxpayer money is going to various groups who masquerade as fact checkers. Not bad enough the media is funded, but the “independents” are as well.

Political operatives running fact checkers

Does it seem strange that the groups “fact checking” misinformation are led by people who belong to the same political parties?

Conservative Inc. Media

Pretty hard to get accurate coverage of events, when MSM is complicit in minimizing criminal behaviour.

Global Canada

A (not really) independent think tank calling for lockdowns. Brian Lilley too lazy (or simply refuses) to cover who actually runs this group.

Toronto Sun

Nothing says controlled like a debate between a man who supports martial law, and another who offers only the faintest opposition to it.

Media subsidies

Traditional media in Canada is often unprofitable, because it’s garbage. However, Ottawa offers programs to be paid by taxpayers — whether or not they consent to it.

Postmedia groups

Wonder why so many outlets in PM have no interest in doing real journalism? A skeptic might wonder if they are paid not to.


Operating out of Southern Ontario, this conglomerate also has little interest in real news. But it will take those taxpayer subsidies.

Aberdeen Publishing

Located in the West, those “pandemic bucks” contribute to their unquestioning support of COVID narrative.

Periodicals getting “pandemic bucks”

The list of places getting handouts to not report real news is quite staggering.

Still more getting “pandemic bucks”

It’s not just the newspapers and periodicals dependent on taxpayer money. Did you agree to any of this?

CEWS for banks, media companies

Another form of “pandemic bucks” is the introduction of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy a year ago. Wonder if there were any strings attached.

Bell Media

Owner of dozens of TV and radio stations, it’s also propped up by the “pandemic bucks”. Also sister of pro-lockdown mayor John Tory a director.

Misinformation laws

Proposed a year ago, as a result of recommendation from WHO (of course CBC leaves that out).

Deafening silence from “conservatives” who pretend to care about free speech.


Promotes its own brand of “fighting misinformation”, but laughably claims to support journalism globally.

Big tech collusion

Few things are as enjoyable as big pharma getting together with big tech to promote a certain viewpoint.

Facebook Canada

There is nothing suspicious about social media companies getting together with the Federal Government to decide what’s true and what’s not.

British Broadcasting Corporation

In a rare moment of transparency, the Gates funded BBC admits that mask use is mainly political.

UN Digital Cooperation

Global internet regulation has been a topic of interest for many years. Don’t worry, it’s all about your safety.

Digital Charter

Under the guise of preventing another Christchurch, this may be a way to globally regulate content on the internet.

Digital Charter Implementation Act

Not a surprise to anyone, we knew legislation would be coming at some point on this.

Bill C-10 hypocrisy

So-called “conservatives” in politics and the media pretend to be outraged about censoring the internet. Yet they are silent on the shutdown of freedom of religion or free assembly.

Nova Scotia tyranny

Nova Scotia Premier Iain Rankin, and the ironically named “Medical Health Officer” Robert Strang, do a secret court hearing to ban public gatherings. “Conservatives” are silent on this.

True North

This fake charity gives a softball interview to Jason Kenney, who is actually jailing pastors in AB. Seems the muzzies are fine though.

Andrew Lawton Of True North Sells Out, Gives Softball Interview To Jason Kenney

Public Officials lying

One would think after a documented pattern of lies, media in the west would start asking tough questions. But it seems not.

Global standard for internet use

It’s been going on since at least 2006, and is a bit unsettling, to say the least.

Facebook lobbying

It’s been going back over a decade. One former lobbyist is now CPC boss Erin O’Toole. Maybe that’s why he’s so tepid on censorship.


This platform has been meeting with Ottawa over election integrity, and online content. Interesting.

SOGI in the courts

This largely unreported event may explain why so many decisions are nonsensible. The gay mafia runs the legal system.


Susan may not like misinformation being posted, but don’t get the idea that she doesn’t support free speech. Controversial ideas can still have a platform.

Payment processors

(video from ShortFatOtaku, research from Nick Munroe), this shows a new nefariousness to deplatforming and censoring…. not that it happens.

Mark Slapinski

Not sure if this is a troll (probably not), but this “journalist” called for someone he disagrees with to be jailed.

Selective removal

Sure, your posts may get tagged as “misleading”, but there are some (alleged) things that are apparently ok.


There are few things that $595 million can’t buy, but we are assured that is not the case.

Marketing 101

Tips like creating artificial scarcity are ways to manipulate people into getting something they otherwise wouldn’t.

Gov’t funding “hesitancy” programs

If you can’t create a safe product, do the next best thing: hire a bunch of marketers to convince people it’s safe.

V Confidence Project

It’s glorified marketing, and psychological manipulation. Some very interesting donors and supporters.

Where your tax dollars are going


Part 1 Want some money? Do you hate humanity? Now both goals can be achieved all at once.


Part 2 of wanting money while taking it out on humanity.

Mockingbird Foundation

Ever get the impression that politicians, the court, academia and the media all seem to be on the same side?

More Conservative Inc. media

Is your tight knit, cohesive society boring? Well, just replace it, and things will be more entertaining. This is conservatism is 2018.

Fake parties being promoted

While mainstream parties are duds (a valid criticism) it doesn’t help to replace them with grifters tryin to make a buck. A serious party that can’t create a constitution in 3 years?!

More Postmedia

Ever think that the press comes across as a monopoly? There may be a reason for that.

Wondering about why the “con inc.” media seems so bland and homogenous? Perhaps they all have the same connections.

Wondering about why the “con inc.” media seems so bland and homogenous? Perhaps they all have the same connections.

The BBC This “public” broadcaster is partially funded by Bill and Melinda Gates. People like Marianna Spring are employed to keep the general public from learning too much. But it’s all for your safety.

One thought on “Pandemic Propagandists of Canada’s COVID Clown Show.

  1. Urine Coloured Journalism is the Canadian way! We have some local fear propagandist at CHMA 106.9 fm radio at Mount Allison University – they’re probably paid $14 an hour to spew lots of bullshit with zero consequences while collecting their ‘community radio funding’ … Erica Butler and Meg Cunningham even removed their website’s comment section – or perhaps their manager James Anderson did – James had sent me an email explaining the importance of my commentary being censored a while back… they detest anyone calling out their b.s. Weak people inhabit university towns… compliant, simpleminded and sad little moppets.. not at all what I expected when I moved here – I actually thought they’d be interesting intellectually but that’s not at all how they roll, they are shut-down, uninteresting, and frankly, annoying.
    Here’s the spiel they have about ‘community’ radio and more:
    “This initiative is made possible by the Community Radio Fund of Canada, the only organization mandated to financially support campus and community radio stations in Canada.”
    as well as the obligatory nonsense about unceded territory [even though this town has been around since the 1760s]…
    Attic Broadcasting
    62 York Street
    Sackville, New Brunswick
    E4L 1E2
    506-364-2221 (office)
    506-364-2222 (studios)
    CHMA broadcasts on the unceded traditional
    territory of the Mi’kmaq in the Siknikt District.
    We honour and respect the territory of Mi’kma’ki.”
    These cretins are an embarassment to journalism – completely selling out to big pharma vaxx whoring and headed up in their ‘board’ by a dubious critter I’m trying to expose as an embedded journalist here Bruce Wark, Wark Times… the Town lost their local Saltwire newspaper so these guys are it…
    “CHMA 106.9 FM is owned and operated by the members of Attic Broadcasting Co. Ltd., a non-profit organization with its offices and studios on the campus of Mount Allison University. We provide our members with an opportunity to create innovative, educational and alternative community-based programming.
    2020-21 Board of Directors CHMA 106.9FM
    Bruce Wark, President
    Chloe Lundrigan, Vice-President
    Peter Brown, Secretary
    Robert Leblanc, Treasurer
    Kevinique Stubbs
    Craig Brett
    Juan Facundo”
    Media in Canada is completely controlled and run by gatekeepers ONLY.

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