5G Set To “Kill Frequency” To Initiate Mass Genocide!


When the pandemic started in January 2020, a lot of effort went into censoring social media claims about the connection of 5G and the COVID-19 viral outbreak. Why? 5G is not about the internet of things; it is a military grade weapons system. The NWO is building a kill grid, with energy inputs targeting specifically larger areas such as cities. A survey of 5G locations in Canada will reveal a higher concentration of 5G stations in major metropolitan areas than in suburbs. Some argue that due to lockdowns and more “home offices” we need more internet connectivity. While this may be true, it is highly unusual to find more 5G towers per capita located in… the province of Alberta! You see, the NWO is prepared to secure it’s oil wells from the uprisings and riots they already expect to take place there! And what better way to do this than through 5G surveillance!

Their agenda, however, is “Depopulation” and the bioweapons delivery system are the untested genetically-altering vaccines. How does this work? You see, our bodies can act as transmitters and receivers of electro magnetic radiation (EMR) or electromagnetic frequency (EMF) making us more susceptible to external energy inputs… such as 5G. We believe that the vaccine itself is being used as a conduit for the increased absorption of Electromagnetic Radiation within the body and that the vaccinated are walking targets for a mass culling using 5G weapons systems. If this is true, is the NWO altering the 5G frequency to a “kill frequency” range in order to cause massive deaths? We believe so!

5G is supposed to be fully enabled in July-August 2021:

The 5G global rollout started at roughly the same time as the pandemic hit in 2020. Lockdown after lockdown, we were all told repeatedly to stay in our homes; work from home, study at home, only take essential trips outside, and stay in your bubble. Was this just a coincidence? Are potentially dangerous radiofrequencies higher in our homes?

Radiofrequency radiation or Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) exposure can come from many sources within the home and outside (e.g. from cordless phones, wireless internet access, computers, smart devices and appliances, microwaves, smart meters, Bluetooth, electrical installations and electrical devices in buildings, mobile phone base stations, radio and TV transmitters, high-voltage lines or transformer stations) and may be the root causes of health problems. Long-term exposure can result in: cancer, endocrine imbalances, neurodegenerative diseases, infection, inflammation, infertility issues, and miscarriage, just to list a few. What levels of Radiofrequency radiation are toxic to humans? Can the radiofrequency be altered to “kill frequency”?

The “Physicians for Safe Technologies”, a group of physicians and health professionals who compile research on the environmental health effects of using modern technology state that safe limits of Radiofrequency Radiation on humans should not exceed 1 milliWatts per square meter (mW/m2). Here is their summary table:


CIN has been taking Radiofrequency Radiation measurements of wifi-enabled home devices since December 2020 to determine if there were any changes since 2020. What we found will shock you! Here is a summary:

~ Radiofrequency radiation has increased since the vaccine rollout started with almost all wifi-enabled devices now registering unmeasurable overload (OL) readings comparable to microwaves. This includes: wifi routers, smart appliances, cell phones (not shown here are smart meters that register RF radiation in the overload range).

~ Radiofrequency pulsates which means it comes in waves. We noticed that the pulse frequencies of these wifi devices had substantially increased since December, which means more radioactive pulses over time, hence more delivery of radiation.

All readings were well above what is considered safe for the human body exceeding the 1 mW/m2 range and falling in the “extreme concern” category.

  1. Internet Router and Microwave readings taken in December 2020 were similar to July 2021 with both registering overload (OL).

2. Wireless Cell Phone: (a) Cell phone not in use (b) Cell phone in use (i.e. calls, internet, emails)Similar results for December 2020 and July 2021.

3. Smart Appliances: (a) Washing Machine December 2020 (b) Washing Machine July 2021 registering overload (OL)

4. Smart Appliances: (a) Clothes Dryer December 2020 (b) Clothes Dryer July 2021 registering overload (OL).

5. WiFi Printer: (a) December 2020 (b) July 2021 the Radiofrequency Radiation level has increased 20X.

Radiofrequency radiation is cumulative which means our bodies absorb radiation over a period of time. Eventually the 5G radiation itself can trigger dormant viruses (viruses that are in your body from past infections and include COVID-19) to become activated thereby inducing a diseased state. Since the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 is also a dormant virus, it too can be activated to cause a diseased state once more. Radiofrequency radiation has also been linked to autoimmune reactions and inflammatory reactions. We believe that Radiofrequencies delivered through 5G may also trigger viral RNA incorporated into the body’s DNA from vaccines to induce a virus-like diseased state in vaccinated individuals (see references below). 

Health Canada recommends no more than 0.450 mW/m2 of radiofrequency radiation exposure. Yes… you read it correctly! Why then is the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) under the direction of Dr. Theresa Tam and the Minister of Health, Patty Hajdu not looking into any of this? Why are we seeing a huge spike in radiofrequency radiation over a period of 7 months? Specifically starting when vaccines were being rolled out? Has the NWO activated their depopulation agenda by altering the 5G frequency to “kill frequency” in order to initiate mass genocide? What other reason could there be?

Our homes have been weaponized against us; “lockdowns” have become a form of imprisonment and our dwellings have been turned into concentration camps with 5G-enabled Electromagnetic Radiation weaponized against us! Our governments have betrayed us by allowing corporations to manufacture and sell devices that emit toxic levels of radiation! We predict that vaccinated individuals will succumb to the culling first followed by the rest of us. With levels such as this, who needs gas chambers? #GasChamberNoLongerRequired

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