Provincial Re-openings Tied to Percentages of Public Vaccinated Is Criminal Coercion.

While this brief article focused on Doug Ford’s Ontario “reopening”. The other Canadian premiers, in perfect unison, have dictated large percentages of the population vaccinated as the prerequisite to reopening.

By tying lockdown relief to number of injections Doug Ford is threatening Ontario that he will harm us until we get injected with the COVID Serum. This is an attempt to inject people against their informed consent. This is contrary to Nuremberg Code.


FACT. The emergency order is directly tied to the vaccine. The experimental vaccine cannot be injected without those orders.

That is specifically why premiers are tying “reopening” to vaccine percentages. The only way to bypass phase 3 trials.

Tying human and civil rights to uptake of an injection with no long term safety data is dangerous and a form of medical coercion. The Ontario government is using collective punishment to turn the vaccinated on the unvaccinated.


Any physician giving a COVID vaccine while the government is holding their human and civil rights hostage is violating College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario policy on informed consent and thereby is putting their license at risk. Physicians must ensure there has been no coercion prior to giving vax.


Ontario is close to 60% vaccinated that’s close to 8 million adults. They have to reach 10 million to open everything up which they are saying wont happen till September. Then they hit the children next at 80% vaccinated there will only be under 3 million unvaccinated in the entire province, 11 million with the jab.

On another note, the statue under which Ontario lockdown orders were carried out was called “The Reopening Act“, so I would not hold my breath. They will surely find something new to tether your rights too.

Freedom is non negotiable. Get in the game people.

2 thoughts on “Provincial Re-openings Tied to Percentages of Public Vaccinated Is Criminal Coercion.

  1. There is no protection and there is no retribution because the agenda of the globalists is always population reduction and this news is not new news… this is their modus operandi in the death cult system we live in – under Christian values with Jesuit operatives and bad faith crisis actors who swear an oath to the Crown to maintain their authority over us. I wish all your readers the best because we are going to need a supernatural intervention very soon… I thought I was awake for the past dozen years but wrongly assumed others were also aware of the nefariousness of global governance.. how wrong I was. The percentage of awakened souls may only be a fraction of humans at this point.. and they will be labelled resisters for re-education.

  2. Perhaps they are planning to create more ‘states’ of the United Nations ie. PEI will be a nation state, NB, NS, Ont. etc. so that they can increase their voting power at the global government table? Wondering about this this week as they keep us all in our ‘pens’ with fake border guards.

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