Confidential Pfizer Document Exposed! Vaccine is Toxic!

Byram Bridle is a professor of virology and immunology at the University of Guelph, Canada. A few days ago, Bridle spoke to radio host Alex Pierson and made a serious warning on her broadcast about genetically modified Covid vaccines. Together with colleagues in Japan, Bridle made an inquiry to the local regulator under the Freedom of Information Act (FIOA) and received information about previously unavailable animal testing data for mRNA vaccine from Pfizer and Binotech. We present these files, sent in Japanese, with automatic translation into English by Google, which were made available to us by scientists who have direct contact with Professor Bridle. (original here in Japanese) (And here is the English translation)

Bridle, a vaccine researcher who was awarded a government grant of $230,000 last year for COVID vaccine development research, said he and a group of international scientists had submitted an information request to the Japanese regulatory agency to gain access to a so-called “Biodistribution Study”. The data, in particular the pharmacokinetic review tables, clearly show that mRNA nanoparticles do not remain locally at the injection site in muscle tissue as the manufacturers assume and claim, but rather enter organs in sometimes dramatic concentrations where they are gradually taken up by local cells. According to Bridle, these findings from animal experiments could explain why serious complications (including myocarditis and thrombosis) occurred following vaccination in humans, as well as deaths from blood clots. Bridle cautions: “We made a mistake. The spike protein is itself toxic and dangerous to humans.” It’s even passed on to infants who are breastfed through breast milk, he said. Below we publish a transcript of an interview from the On Point with Alex Pierson broadcast:

https://omny.fm/shows/on-point-with-alex-pierson/new-peer-reviewed-study-on-covid-19-vaccines-suggeNew peer reviewed study on COVID-19 vaccines suggests why heart inf…

Alex talks with Dr. Byram Bridle, an Associate Professor on Viral Immunology at the University of Guelph about new peer-reviewed studies that suggests there may be terrifying reasons side effects such as heart inflammation, VITT, and other serious issues may occur in those who have been vaccinated.  Let’s get talking.

Alex Pierson: We’ve been talking a lot about science lately. It is published at lightning speed. And a lot of people ask a lot of good questions. Question: Are vaccines safe for children? There is a lot of pressure to get 12-year-olds vaccinated as soon as possible, but not everyone is convinced of it. Even if you are not against immunization, there are many parents who are nervous about giving something to their children. Then I read that there have been dozens of cases of heart problems in teens and adolescents that Israel is now investigating. Why do mainly men, not only but around 22 years of age and younger, develop myocarditis. So, 1 to 4 days after receiving the injection, they develop shortness of breath and fatigue, as well as a very specific pain in the chest. He is gentle. So no one really got sick or died, but you want to know what happens if you inject your kids with something. This is Dr. Byram Bridle, professor of viral immunology at the University of Guelph. Doctor. You are very open about it and you are by no means an anti-vaccine, but what do you think about this heart inflammation? Is it a real threat?

Dr. Byram Bridle: Thank you very much for inviting me, Alex. As you said, I am a strong advocate of vaccination, but I always want to make sure that science is being applied correctly and that we are closely following research before we start introducing vaccines to the general public. Hope you can let me elaborate on this a bit, Alex. I want to warn you and your listeners. The story I’m about to tell is a bit scary. So I will take you briefly by the hand to prepare you for this. I will talk about science, I do not have time here to go into scientific detail, but I assure you that everything I am going to present here is fully supported by scientific publications in well-known and respected scientific journals. I have all this information in my hand. I am in the process of putting them all together into a document that I hope to distribute widely. So your listeners will be the first to hear the public disclosure of these conclusions. I can support each of them with scientific facts.

So this is the case. The SARS 2 coronavirus has a spike protein on its surface. It is the spike protein that enables it to infect our bodies. That’s why we used spike protein in our vaccines. We use a vaccine to make the cells in our body produce this protein. If we manage to generate an immune response against this protein, theoretically we will prevent the body from being infected by the virus. This is the theory behind the vaccine. However, if you look at the disease, severe Covid-19, everything you just described, heart problems, many cardiovascular problems, bleeding, and blood clots are all related to severe Covid-19. Science has found that the spike protein itself, once it enters the bloodstream, causes cardiovascular damage almost entirely on its own. In fact, when purified spike protein is injected into the blood of experimental animals, all kinds of damage to the cardiovascular system occurs and it can cross the blood-brain barrier and cause brain damage.

At first glance, this does not seem to be a problem as we inject the vaccines into the deltoid muscle. Until now, it has been assumed that these vaccines behave like all our conventional vaccines, that they do not get anywhere beyond the site of injection. So they stay in the arm. Some of these proteins travel to local lymph nodes to activate the immune system.

However, it is here that the latest scientific discoveries appear. And this is where things start to get scary: by asking a Japanese regulatory agency, I and some international colleagues gained access to a so-called “Biodistribution Study”. For the first time in history, scientists have gained insight into where these messenger RNA vaccines are found after vaccination. In other words, is it safe to assume that they remain in the deltoid muscle? Short answer: absolutely not!

And it is very disturbing. The spike protein is found in the blood and circulates in the blood for several days after vaccination. It accumulates – once it enters the bloodstream – in many tissues such as the spleen, bone marrow, liver, adrenal glands, and also, which worries me particularly, it accumulates in fairly high concentrations in the ovaries.

This is confirmed by the approved publication of a research paper. Thirteen young healthcare professionals who had received the Moderna vaccine, a new type of messenger RNA-based vaccine that we use in Canada, were tested and confirmed. They found spike protein in the circulation, and so in the blood of 11 of the 13 health professionals who received the vaccine. What it means: We have long known that spike protein is a pathogenic protein. It’s a toxin. It can harm our body if it gets into circulation. Now we have clear evidence that vaccines that are designed to stimulate our bodies, muscles, or cells in our deltoid muscles to produce this protein, cause this protein to enter the bloodstream.

When it enters the bloodstream, the spike protein can bind to receptors (ACE2) that are found on our platelets and cells that line our blood vessels. When that happens, it can do one of two things. It can cause platelets to stick together, which can lead to blood clots. This is why we have seen blood clotting problems with these vaccines. It can also lead to bleeding. And of course, the heart is involved. It is an important part of the cardiovascular system. That’s why we see heart problems. This protein can also cross the blood-brain barrier and cause neurological damage. Therefore, in fatal cases of blood clots, it was repeatedly found in the brain.

https://academic.oup.com/cid/advance-article/doi/10.1093/cid/ciab465/6279075 According to Medical authorities who are encouraging vaccination the “antigens” or “spike proteins” should be produced inside the cells and NOT released into circulation, yet this study shows that they are found in the plasms; the fluid portion of blood? What function do these “spike proteins” serve?

Audit evidence that has not yet been accepted for publication is also worrying. It tried to show that antibodies from the vaccine are transmitted through breast milk. It was thought that this might be a good thing as it would give the baby passive protection. However, what they inadvertently discovered is the fact that the vaccines, the messenger RNA vaccines, are actually transmitted through breast milk to deliver the vaccine vector itself to breastfed infants.

So what does that mean? We know that the spike protein is getting into the bloodstream. All blood proteins are concentrated in breast milk. If we look at the US [VAERS] database of adverse events, we find evidence that gastrointestinal bleeding occurs in breastfed infants …

Moderator: Okay, let me pause. We only have about 45 seconds left. It’s terrifying.

Dr. Bridle: Oh yeah, it does affect the blood bank. At the moment, the Canadian Blood Bank says that people who have been vaccinated can donate blood. But we must not allow these pathogenic spike proteins to be passed on to susceptible patients who are blood transfused. It also affects infants who are breastfed. This has serious implications for people for whom the SARS 2 coronavirus is not a high-risk pathogen, and all our children are among them In short, the conclusion is that we made a big mistake. We didn’t realize it until now, we thought the spike protein was a great target antigen. We did not know that the spike protein itself is a toxin and is a pathogenic protein. So when we vaccinate people, we inadvertently vaccinate them with the toxin. In some people it enters the bloodstream, and when it does, it can cause damage, especially to the cardiovascular system. And I have many other concerns, I do not have time, but many other legitimate questions about the long-term safety of this vaccine. For example, if it accumulates in the ovaries, one of my questions is: will we make young people sterile? …

Moderator: So I will end the interview at this point. I could talk to you for hours because you have so much information. Of course, this is just one opinion among many. But you know, it’s interesting because you have a different view of it … time will tell. But we will invite you again, because we always get an interesting and different point of view from you, doctor. Thank you. It was a pleasure!

Dr. Bridle: It was a pleasure. Be careful.

The Virus Doesn’t Exist: mRNA ‘Spike Protein” is a Computer Generated Model!

The mRNA sequence or the spike protein is a computer simulation. No one has actually isolated the COVID virus! Scientists and Big Pharma are making vaccines based on a computer simulation of a spike protein originally established by scientists in China who published their results at the start of the pandemic, January 13, 2020! So what exactly have people been jabbed with?

MSM Confirms! ALL COVID Vaccines Use Spike Protein Sequence Isolated By Chinese Military. Inserts Are HIV.

A comment on that Polish site also confirms what we already knew!

Translation: Dr. Fabio Franci from the Bergamo area says that K. Drosten has never received the SarsCov-2 virus. He received, as he claims, from the Chinese – only the protein “Spike”. Dr. S. Baghdi states emphatically that Drosten’s laboratory has never seen this pathogen. Prof. Zieliński claims that the “S” protein, like a virus, was created using the “IN SILICO” method, i.e. in a computer, and therefore only virtually. J. Mikovitz claims that the CDC admitted in the summer that they do not have this virus. This fact is also confirmed by Prof. Kornelia Polok, citing the fact that no geneticist will obtain I read today that Fauci and Gates have lost some process due to the failure to isolate this pathogen. All independent scientists say that the virus was never isolated. So let’s connect the dots. My conclusion is as follows: IN CHINA LABORATORY DONE VIRTUALLY OF SC-2 VIRUS. NEVER THAT VIRUS REALLY EXISTENCE, AND IT WAS MADE AS A PRETEXT TO PRODUCE ITS IMAGINATIVE PART, OR SPIKE PROTEIN, UNDER WHICH BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS WERE PLACED WITHOUT PROBLEMS IMPLEMENT THIS SPIKE PROTEIN IN VACCINES. THIS IS WHY RESEARCHERS NOW DISCOVER THAT THE BLAME FOR ALL EVIL IS BEARING THE SO-called. SPIKE PROTEIN, BECAUSE IT WAS THE TARGET AS A GENETIC SUBSTANCE THAT WANTED TO BE ADDED TO VACCINES, I AM THIS NIEMQL SURE. PLEASE PRESENT THIS MODE OF REASONING.

From the confidential Pfizer document we can also see that the location of these studies were “redacted”. CIN has investigated these clinical research data collection centers and determined that Pharmaceuticals mainly use research facilities located in mainland China for their clinical trials. Yes… the scientists, clinical trials and data collection is primarily located in China! let that sink in! Article to follow!

CIN would like to acknowledge ALTER SHOT for writing this article (in Polish) which we have translated with added material. Thank You! Here is their link: https://altershot.tv/ze-swiata/popelnilismy-blad-bialko-kolca-samo-w-sobie-jest-toksyczne

Luc Montagnier Discovered HIV. Nearly 30 year later he discovered HIV in our COVID19 vaccine.

USA, Canada & China collaborated to bring us COVID19. No spying. No stealing. All administered by the WHO.

Worlds Leading Vaccine Developer, Dr. Kobinger, Flies A False Canadian Flag.

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  1. “And while Bridle continues to make claims of toxicity, it’s not clear if he actually believes that; afterall, he received $230,000 from the Ford (provincial) government to develop a competing vaccine using the same spike protein he claims is toxic. Notably, he expects his vaccine to be ready in 2 – 4 years; it’s unclear if his vaccine will be necessary given the safety and efficacy of current vaccines.”

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