“Comedian” Jon Stewart continues his career of telling half truths, this time selling “Wuhan lab leak” narrative.

Consumate liar and yellow journalist, Jon Stewart, is at it again. This time, selling the “Wuhan lab leak” theory..

Here are the videos of the two segments in which Jon Stewart — the first guest on Stephen Colbert’s return to in-person studio — used his entire time to insist that COVID came from the Wuhan lab, not naturally, while mocking those who don’t believe this

In the second segment, the liberal TV icon not only continues to insist that COVID came from the Wuhan lab and not animals, but also warned that scientists are going to be responsible for the end of humanity:

If, six months ago, someone had gone on Facebook or YouTube to say even a fraction of what Stewart vehemently argued last night on CBS, they would have had their content deleted and perhaps even been banned from the platform.

Of course, the narrative is: Pandemic real, from a weaponized virus, that escaped from the Wuhan Lab. So remember to get your jabs! I mean, it’s all about divide, conquer and jab, no?

Friday, June 11, 2021. Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

See the globalists are constructing their new narrative:

  1. pandemic real, pandemic deadly
  2. man made bioweapon from Wuhan Lab that “leaked”
  3. take the vaccines, or #WereAllGonnaDie

The thing is, the “bioweapon” IS the globalists, and always has been.

USA, Canada & China collaborated to bring us COVID19. No spying. No stealing. All administered by the WHO.

2 thoughts on ““Comedian” Jon Stewart continues his career of telling half truths, this time selling “Wuhan lab leak” narrative.

  1. Check this commentary out that was left at my blogger [the topic was censorship by David Icke who I contend is a gatekeeper, big time] .. as follows:
    my discovery of the day on the freedom of expression existing on the forum of David Icke.
    I have known Mr Joseph Gregory Hallet for a few days. I hope that if he becomes King there will be more freedom of speech in the UK forums.
    Today, after 45mn in the David Icke forum, I was banned, for a post I just put “About the” vaccine “or so called” by someone (ink).
    I put this information, in order to defend the French Professor Jean Bernard FOURTILLAN, 77 years old, who was put in prison, by President Macron and his team. Because this professor, telling the truth, in this document, denouncing French responsibility in the world for the creation of the Covid. He writes in this document, that the French are the great hidden initiators, (and much more than the Chinese ‘not nice’ all the time finger pointing) for the development of the artificial covid with their Institut Pasteur, which has 5 patents of the one. Proof of its elaboration by them !!!
    This document which immediately banned me from the David Icke forum (by ‘ink’) must to be read to understand the root of the problem, and what is going on with the vaccine. I answered to the computer routine I received from their serveur, thay they were morrons, and that I had learned something today about them.
    Since decades, I post in many french and spanish forumns, and I am never banned, (unless on YouTube sometimes).
    I don’t know if Big Pharma is in the David Icke forum !! but to have been banned was a big surprise to me. I had a higher ane better opinion of David Icke. Here is the document that I hope you will circulate around you. To better understand, see page 53. http://d.p.h.free.fr/covid19/docs/TRUTH_about_Covid-19_and_Covid-19_Vaccines.pdf
    Thank you very much for your attention.
    Best regards

  2. Colbert is demonic as fuck too….thanks! This is entertaining when you understand how compromised they must be [with some shit in their closets] to be manipulated to sell vaxx.
    Still laugh about Prince Harry’s ” Vax Live ” Event … what a fucking clown world.
    Did you see the video of the guy calling out Pfizer? and Fauci? https://www.bitchute.com/video/Bvnvm1KAXxas/

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