Nova Scotia Mask Exemption Card!

The fact is, you do not need a card, exemption is based on the word of the exempt, yet Nova Scotia took extreme measures beginning in early May, 2021 trying to deal with what they deemed the biggest threat to public safety: The Maskless.

Nova Scotia police turn to punitive measures in push to continue failing COVID narrative.

There has not specifically been an iron clad solution to dealing with this type of “show me your papers” tyranny, but this capture from the Nova Scotia website might be the get out of ticket card we are looking for. As you can see, the site confirms “you can’t ask them for a doctor’s note“, which means someone in the bureaucracy still realizes it’s against the law to advocate for anything else.

I’m printing this off to keep in my wallet, but my hope is shop keepers and police will return to a more humane approach as this shambolic “pandemic” continues with no real end in sight.

Nova Scotia’s Reopening Plan Does Not Include “Reopening”, Let Alone, “Return To Old Normal”

If you are having troubles with businesses, Nova Scotia Health has also stated:

“The public health order provides the exemption from the mandatory mask rule. Nobody needs to apply for this exemption.”

“We ask businesses and police to respect people who have a valid medical reason for not wearing a mask.”

“We have stated that businesses need to respect people who have a valid reason for not wearing a mask. If you have concerns about how a business is operating, you could speak with the manager. If you feel it’s necessary, you could contact the Safety Division at the Department of Labour and Advanced Education at 1-800-952-2687 or LAESafetybranch@novascotia.ca.”

No matter what Iain Rankin or Robert Strang say on their YouTube channel, you still have rights.

They are nothing but power hungry tyrants.

Sorry, power hungry globalist tyrants.

Nova Scotia’s “Doctor” Strang Is An Unscientific Servant Of World Health Organization Stakeholders.

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