Nova Scotia’s Reopening Plan Does Not Include “Reopening”, Let Alone, “Return To Old Normal”

Nova Scotia’s reopening rollout plan announced May 18, 2021 was a shambles. It was evident, neither “top doctor” Robert Strang or unelected “Nova Scotia Premier” Iain Rankin had any idea what the graphics released to the public said, or what their handlers had written down for them.

Global “Public Relations” Fountainhead of COVID19 Propaganda.

And what is abundantly clear, no return to old normal, no reopening, and if my math is correct, Nova Scotia health is going to reassess the situation in about four months time, based on Health Canada’s yet to be determined agenda. Make no mistake, vaccine coercion will continue, and “reopening’s” will continue to be tied to percentages of the population who are vaccinated.

Provincial Re-openings Tied to Percentages of Public Vaccinated Is Criminal Coercion.

As far as analysis of both the press conference and the infographics, let’s let Tim Bousquet from the Halifax Examiner do the mental gymnastics required to make any sense of this mess. I mean, if the MSM doesn’t get it…

“At today’s COVID briefing, Premier Iain Rankin and Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Robert Strang laid out a reopening plan of sorts, but the message was garbled and hard to follow along, because an infographic that at least attempted to explain it wasn’t given to reporters until the very end of the briefing, so we couldn’t ask for details or clarifications. Even then, the infographic is self-contradictory at places and is poorly edited.

“Here’s what’s certain, however: with the exception of schools in the HRM and Sydney areas, schools will reopen to in-class learning on Wednesday, June 2. HRM and Sydney area schools will remain closed to most students, but “students with highly complex needs” will be allowed to go back to school. Here is the press release that explains some of the school situation. At the briefing, Strang said the Sydney area schools that will remain closed are those in the Sydney Academy and Riverview families of schools.

Strang has to get that jab in the children, after all.

Nova Scotia “Top Doctor” Decrees Parents No Longer Have Parental Rights Concerning Child’s Vaccinations.

“Beyond that, there is a four-phased reopening plan with loosening restrictions at each phase, spelled out in the infographic. But the targets for what triggers each phase are confusing.

“To begin, the infographic sets the following targets:

Phase 1:
Begins June 2, 2021 | Target: 50% of population one dose coverage
We are entering this phase because COVID-19 cases and hospitalization numbers continue to decrease.
Testing Continues

Phase 2
2-4 weeks after Phase 1 | Target: 60% of population one dose coverage
We will enter this phase if COVID-19 cases and hospitalization numbers continue to decrease.
Testing Continues

Phase 3
2-4 weeks after Phase 2 | Target: 65% of population one dose coverage
We will enter this phase if COVID-19 case counts and hospitalizations are low with minimal outbreaks.
Testing Continues

Phase 4
2-4 weeks after Phase 3 | Target: 75% of population one dose coverage
We will enter this phase when we have very few COVID-19 cases and little ongoing spread.
Testing Continues

“As I said, reporters didn’t have access to the infographic, and for some reason it wasn’t put on the video screen behind Strang and Rankin as they explained it to 50,000 people watching online, so Global reporter Alicia Draus asked Strang what the targets were, and he gave a completely different set of targets:

Draus: I don’t have that infographic that you’re talking about in front of me, but I just want to see, can you provide maybe some details on what we’re hoping to achieve vaccination wise before we get to each phase?

Strang: So our target for Phase 1 is, we’ve already hit that, 50%. Phase 2 is 60%. Phase 3 is 70%. And Phase 4 would be 85%. And that is based on that’s the percentage of the population that has one or more doses of vaccine.

“So, to be honest, I have no idea which set of metrics we’re supposed to be using. I’m guessing, however, that Strang misspoke, as no one has ever suggested that 85% of the entire population would be vaccinated. Strang has previously said, however, that 85% of the eligible population (meaning, not including children under 12) would have to be vaccinated in order to get to 75% of the entire population vaccinated, so maybe he confused the two stats? Even then, I have no idea where he came up with 70% for Phase 3.

“So, take this with a bunch of caveats, but I’ve created the following graph showing the total number of people who have received at least one dose of vaccine and the targets as laid out in the Infographic:

“As you can see, and as Strang noted, the province has already passed the Phase 1 target. And assuming vaccination continues at the rate it has maintained for the past couple of weeks, we’ll likely zoom right past the Phase 2 and Phase 3 targets next week, just as Phase 1 begins. So it’s unclear why we have to wait another two weeks for Phase 2 to begin and four weeks for Phase 3 to begin.

“I understand that it’s assumed that it takes two weeks after someone is vaccinated for the vaccine to be fully effective, but why then are the two-week periods stacked atop each other? In effect, we’ll be waiting four weeks after 65% of the population is vaccinated for Phase 3 to begin, and five or six weeks after 75% of the entire population is vaccinated before Phase 4 can begin.

“Possibly, they just want two weeks for each stage to play out, before moving to the next, which might make some sense. But why then tie it to vaccination percentages at all?

“Given the confusion around the presentation, it appears that Nova Scotia’s reopening plan was a rush job, and the products released today were never fully checked or run through an editor or communications professional for vetting. Honestly, they should’ve just waited til Monday to release it and spent the weekend crafting a more coherent message.”

Oh man that was hilarious. Thanks for that, Halifax Examiner.

The fact is, Strang and Rankin have to hang on to their Emergency Orders as long as possible, can’t jab people without them! Let the coercion continue.

Nova Scotia Turns To Force As the Government Has Failed With COVID Lies

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