Iain T Rankin, Unelected Nova Scotia Premier, and Drama Queen.

Our Dictator tells us one thing but the data speaks for itself.

Out of a population of 979,351 there have been 708,617 PCR tests which we know are inaccurate. These tests have created 4,524 positive cases which does not mean that you are sick or contagious.

The average Cycle Threshold of the test in labs across Nova Scotia has been 35, which is too high to get an accurate reading. Dr.Fauci and the WHO reported that the Cycle Threshold needed to be adjusted or turned down back in December 2020. In a recent study, 18 was still too high.

To give COVID-19 deaths context, in 2019 there were 9,818 deaths in Nova Scotia. There have been 72 deaths in Nova Scotia since the beginning of this “pandemic” ending May 14, 2021. There were 64 COVID deaths in 2020 and 8 in 2021. 53 of the 72 deaths were in Northwood Long-Term Care Home and one in Harbourhome Enhanced Care Home last year.

According to the World Health Organization COVID-19 Death Coding Document, a COVID-19 death can be a “probable case” of a “clinically compatible illness.” A COVID-19 death does not have to be confirmed. And what the heck is a “clinically compatible illness?” …a different corona virus like the flu that has disappeared perhaps?

The average age of those who have sadly died is 80 years old but the average provincial life expectancy is 80.4. They were at the end of life. There are are total of 68 in hospital of which 21 are in ICU…but what we don’t know and Dictators Rankin and Strang fail to tell is whether those people have been admitted into hospital due to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, obesity… And the big question is whether they actually have COVID-19? How would we know when they are testing them with an inaccurate test!

Doctors who are not getting media attention have been doing autopsies on hundreds of positive cases in such places as Germany and United States and when they opened them up – they don’t have COVID-19. SO…We want truth. We want context. We want the drama to stop. We want the lab cycle threshold to be turned down. And yes- we WILL “get through this sooner” because it is MAY and with warmer weather – all corona viruses basically disappear. And our dictators did nothing to improve the situation…even though they think they are god.

The result of all the restrictions are harming thousands of us. For what? One of the biggest hoaxes ever.

4 thoughts on “Iain T Rankin, Unelected Nova Scotia Premier, and Drama Queen.

  1. 77 Deaths in Nova Scotia and 43 in New Brunswick seems like a lot of noise for nothing…
    but they’re not gonna stop now… the fraud just keeps rollin’ along… like a beast with no brakes.
    Zero deaths on PEI — amazing… since they’re a lot of older people retired there.. perhaps they were innoculated already when I was dropping Kingof.UK posters there in 2019.

  2. Rankin is a fraud, just like all of them.
    There’s no virus, no bioweapon, this whole thing is a hoax.
    PCR tests cannot detect infection at all.
    “Change the cycles” is a huge red herring.
    Unfortunately, since all parties are in on this, there isn’t really a political solution. Even the “resistance” is silent on the hoax.

    1. Rankin is probably compromised by a sketchy sex kink history… that’s how it works in the real world… the illusion of democratic leadership in Canada is laughable at this point. They certainly needed to move Stephen “Cozy with China” McNeil out of office very rapidly for some reason, I wonder what that could be? The Nova Scotia Shootings was also part of the overall psyop and gaslighting being perpetrated on the people of this small province — its been a one-two-punch.

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