COVID-19: The Insurance Cartels Boomer Remover.

Between the collective sigh of relief people are experiencing thinking COVID-19 restrictions are ending, and the kick off of “World War 3”, news started coming out of Europe and America that is mind blowing and earth shattering.

Insurance group in America is making an amazing statement. Death rates up 40 percent pre pandemic levels.

Former Blackrock Dowd address the rise in all-cause mortality seen in the second half of 2021 by actuaries. He points out that a +40% change is a once in a 200 year event. There is only one brand new potentially fatal exposure that shaded in the second half of 2021, COVID vaccine rollout.

Large German health insurance company Schöfbeck analyzed data from 10.9 million insured individuals regarding vaccination complications. The new data is “alarming,” says BKK board member Schöfbeck in a report by WELT.

The letter from Schöpfbeck, BKK board member, on the subject matter to the Paul-Ehrlich Institute, an agency of the German Federal Ministry of Health. The English version is auto-translated (Yandex Translate).


Life insurance death claims skyrocket in Europe to 258% in just the first 9 months on 2021. That is with only one jab!

Some governments are also limiting workers compensation benefits to COVID injured.

Looking at Long COVID in Australia and what this means for worker’s compensation insurance. Thousands of people not working or working reduced hours 7 months after infection.

In France, if you die from the jab, life insurance will no longer cover it. The judge says: “The side effects of the experimental vaccine are published and the deceased could not claim that he did not know about them when he was voluntarily vaccinated.”

The judge continues: “There is no law or mandate in France that requires you to be vaccinated. Therefore, his death is essentially a suicide.” This makes the Verscherung doubly ‘safe,’ because suicide is also excluded from the policy.”

A group at the US Department of Defense has also recently published a long list of major increases in immune related diseases.


This is on top of other revelations lately, including the Pfizer data.

Stunning “Adverse Events Data” released from Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine trials

Bill Gates Confirms Herd Transmission! OMICRON IS THE VACCINE!

Warp Speed Aging and Death

Well, what exactly going on here? Looks to me that events are identical to what they did in Germany post WWll, the insurance cartels made big bucks wiping out large swaths of policy holders. Gas Chambers No Longer Required.

Here’s the theory:


BOOM! SARS-CoV-2 hits all nine hallmarks of aging! Warp Speed Aging through COVID.

Don’t panic, we go into how Iron slows aging in this paper:

Eureka! Iron Supplementation Will Deactivate Graphene & COVID19 Related Aging!

The Club of Rome and The Insurance Cartels

The financial backers behind the Club of Rome are the insurance cartels in Switzerland and Italy. One of the main in-house economist to the Club of Rome, Orio Giarini, was the secretary-general of the Geneva-based International Association of Insurance Company Economists, a program set up by the Geneva Association with the aim of “encouraging research and economic analysis of uncertainty and insurance (81)(82).” This association includes executives of almost 50 private insurance companies (83)(84).

In October 1983, Giarini forward that “the past 10,000 years of the Neolithic age: characterized, by production of capital, are over,” and that the world was entering the age of the “service economy,” in which “risk and uncertainty” would be the predominant paradigm for nations and societies. Giarini asserted that “insurers and priests” would be the chief arbiters of social planning.


What does this mean? Insurance companies no longer want to make payouts to those they scammed trillions from with expensive premiums. The elderly, the handicapped, and the sick have very little chance of survival with “social planning.” If one thing holds true, the Globalists never change their pattern of destruction. During WWll, Allianz, a major insurance company, created and enforced “termination and refusal policies” for the payout of life insurance claims made by Jewish families and beneficiary payments went directly to the Nazis instead (86). Oh wait what’s this? Allianz has a seat on the board of directors of the Geneva Association!


The Sadruddin Aga Khan was one of the chief bank-rollers of the policies devised by the insurance cartel. Together with Giarini and Denis de Rougemont (a gnostic-satanist), he established an organization named Ecoropa in 1976, which became the central organization of the European Environmentalist Movement (88)(89).

De Rougemont praised eco-terrorists Longo Mai of France, an anti-capitalist group who regarded global food shortages and political upheavals as being the prototype for the future of the “Green Movement (89)(90)(91)”. This group believes in splitting European nation-states into small ethnic enclaves and bringing an end to modem industrial civilization (89). We believe that they are currently using the COVID-19 Pandemic to implement this exact plan globally; “Multiculturalism” was a myth and “Pluralism” is a lie!

The United Nations: Aga Khan’s Throne (Part I: Money Laundering)

If you want the history of the Club Of Rome depopulation plan and explore the 60 years of how we got to the COVID operation, read on here:

The Club of Rome & The CIA Depopulation Program at Fauci’s Fort Detrick

Nazi Big Pharma, FDA & Los Alamos National Laboratory Hold the Keys!

Gain-of-Function Experiments: TheSARS-CoV-2/HIV-1 Story

SARS-Cov-2 is HIV and Dr. Anthony Fauci Holds the Patents!

We can leave it to the insurance cartels to brag about their success.

Is it really a victory for free humanity that this information is coming out. Not likely. If you look at Event 201, SPARS or CladeX simulations, the NWO plans to infect humanity with a bioweapon, and then admit it in order to destroy confidence in government and corporate institutions. This is is part of the plan.

This information is not coming out for any other reason than the Insurance Cartel, which is also the Pharma Cartel, is bragging about their success. Herd Transmission.

These exercises go back two decades. The first exercise was Operation Dark Winter in June of 2021.

The Great Reset: Prepare for De-Industrialization Winter 2021!

The NWO wants 90% of us dead by 2030, and looks like most of humanity volunteered to take the COVID jab bioweapon, some of you may have been coerced, and some of us caught it through transmission. What an absolute fucking disaster. It does not matter what people know now.

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