Putin’s Denazification of the Ukraine.

I want to start by saying, I don’t trust any politician. I only trust politicians to do what is best for them, and best for their masters. I know all parties are backed by CIA in the form of National Endowment for Democracy, it’s front organization. These Civil Society Organizations are directly funded by NED and work with institutions founded by George Soros “Open Society”. This is a fact in most, if not all nations on earth.

All Parties Are Corrupt: Harper & Trudeau In League With UN & Soros

Now, I am most intrigued about Putin’s statements in his declaration of war Putin stated he needs to remove the Nazi’s from Ukraine, and protect ethnic Russians:

When Putin says he’s fighting Nazi’s in Ukraine, Putin is fighting Nazi’s in Ukraine.

The land itself has never really been anything other than Russia. It’s the mother land of Russia in the simplest of terms.

Since 1917, it’s been a land that has been often contested. Leading into WW2, the Nazi’s seized control and have never left. They’ve been working out of the Ukraine under many flags around the world, but make no mistake, Ukraine is the Nazi home office.

Canada was the first country to recognize Ukraine independence in 1991.

Since 1994 Canada has give Ukraine $890 million in “aid” Since 2015 Canada has sent over Military to train with Ukraine Since 2015 Canada has sent over RCMP to train their police force What is the Ukraine?


Stormhaven recently published a fantastic article on the history and how we got here.

How did Ukraine become such a hub for Nazi’s, and what role did the Freeland’s in Canada play?

“…Canadian support for nationalist, anti-socialist, forces in the Ukraine has a longer history. In 1952 External Affairs Minister Lester Pearson launched a Ukrainian section of Radio Canada International (RCI) to disseminate the Canadian government’s perspective there. The previous year Pearson told Parliament that RCI was “playing a useful part in the psychological war against communism.”

RCI bolstered anti-Soviet, nationalist, elements among the émigré community. The Canadian government has alsosupported ultranationalist Ukrainian émigrés more directly. In 1940 McKenzie King’s Liberal government facilitated the creation of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) to undercut more socialist and internationalist elements within the community. In “The Ukrainian Canadian Congress and its Fascist Roots” Richard Sanders writes, “their explicit goal in orchestrating the creation of this umbrella organisation was to rally all anticommunist Ukrainians into one body in order to squash the then-powerful influence of leftwing Ukrainians whose forebears had come to Canada during earlier waves of migration.” After World War II the UCC benefited from Canada opening its door to tens of thousands of Ukrainians nationalists, many of whom had fought with the Nazis against the Soviets.

Over the years Ottawa has provided various forms of financial and other support to the UCC. In so doing, they’ve helped the organization maintain its hegemony over Ukrainian Canadian politics and its sizable international influence. For the last 13 years Canadians have led the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC), which was set up as an anti-Soviet organization. The heads of the UWC and UCC met Poroshenko at the HISF in November.

The UWC, UCC and Canada’s large diaspora community more generally is influential in the Ukraine, which has by far the lowest per capita GDP in Europe. (Ukraine’s per capita GDP is 40% of Mexico’s and 1/12 Canada’s.) Chrystia Freeland provides a stark example of Canadian influence over Ukrainian politics. Long before she convinced President Zelensky to intervene in a legal case against his rival, Freeland was actively promoting a nationalist, anti-socialist position. During a 1989 visit, reports the Globe and Mail, Freeland “delivered cash, video- and audio-recording equipment, and even a personal computer to her contacts in Ukraine.” Freeland’s support to anti-Soviet, Ukrainian nationalists got her followed by the KGB and labeled by the press as an “anti-Soviet bourgeois nationalist.” Freeland represented the UCC and Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies at a 1989 congress of the Ukrainian People’s Front.


After the breakup of the Soviet Union Freeland supported Ukraine maintaining its nuclear weapons arsenal. Her mother also helped draft the Ukraine’s inaugural constitution.

Freeland’s family are hardline nationalists. Her grandfather, Michael Chomiak, was a Nazi propagandist during World War II. Chomiak edited a Ukrainian language newspaper that published speeches by Hitler and Goebbels, as well as the Nazi’s anti-Jewish/Soviet screeds. Fleeing the Ukraine after the Soviets defeated the Nazis, Chomiak was influential in Alberta’s Ukrainian community through the 1980s. Freeland has repeatedly praised him.


As Freeland highlights, Canada has nurtured ultranationalist forces in the Ukraine. While framed as defending that country from Russian imperialism, it’s hard to take Ottawa’s commitment to Ukrainian “sovereignty” seriously when top Canadian politicians flagrantly interfere in the country’s internal affairs….”

In 2017, Freeland’s Nazi history came to light. Freeland blamed “Russian hackers”, of course, her arch enemy. However, it was actually Ukrainian Canadians that exposed her, warning the rest of us of hell to come.

Ukrainian Canadians Expose Chrystia Freeland’s Nazi Heritage

Today Canada’s top Nazi Chrystia Freeland, announced a cash influx to the Ukranian rebels fighting Russia in Ukraine.

The beneficiaries of the “aid” are neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.

The Azov Battalion is the Ukranian National Guard.

There was doubt about this photo being legit, there was doubt in 2014 when it was first put out, but make no mistake. This battalion is a bunch of Nazi’s.

Ukraine is a corrupt Nazi hell hole. It’s history is filled with the rise and falls of it’s peoples and invaders. Nazi Germany occupied Ukraine throughout WW2, and Nazi commanders and battalions settled there after the war. Today’s conflicts arise from the Obama/Soros/NATO lead “coup” of 2014.

Here is footage from 2014 when the Nazi head hunters began their invasion. Ukranians were not supportive.

Since 2014, Obama and Biden made deals with and took over the Nazi back channels. In doing so, set up bioweapons labs and all else.


The top dog in Ukraine is Kolomoisky, the Russian Chabad Jew oligarch who runs the backchannel for the Biden/Burisma gang. He runs the Azov Nazi hit squads that have been there since WW2.

Jewish backed Nazi’s? Don’t think too hard about it, this is not an ideological issue, this is about power and money.


Interesting perspective ~ 4th Generation Ukrainian gentleman gives his 2 cents.

While it was under Liberal governments that these Nazi’s thrived in Canada, it was also Conservatives who sent aid to Ukraine during the Harper years. At the time this aid was labeled as far-right extremism, but Freeland continued the aid and extended Operation UNIFIER in 2019.

Operation UNIFIER had our military and RCMP training Nazi’s in Ukraine! Something the government knew, and tried desperately to hide.

Training Nazi’s in Latvia too!

Reminder: Chrystia Freeland is a Nazi.

During the February 22, 2022 press conference, Freeland expressed the “great threat Russia posed to their [Nazi] World Order”.

Ukranian MP also asserts the fight in Ukraine is the fight for New World Order.

This world order?

Minister Joly said during her speech, that Russia was engaged in false flag terror. But the thing is, the soldiers in Dunbas were consistently being attacked by “Russian Soldiers” in NATO boots. Azov dead squads.

Here is Harper mocking claims that Russia was not in Ukraine, even though, by all accounts it was predominantly NATO.

Who can explain why Ukrainian and Russian soldiers are dancing together? Maybe because Putin is simply liberating Ukraine from the Rothschild Nazi deep state combine?

Currently, February 26, 2022 in Maruipol, Azov battalion are executing people attempting to flee the city. They’ve been ordered to detain any male over 18 trying to leave Ukraine. To them, detain means “they are a saboteur, kill them.”


The fact is, more and more people understand the Great Chessboard, and the curtains are being drawn on evil.

George Soros implemented his first coloured revolution in Ukraine, in cahoots with Biden, Obama, Freeland, and NWO villains. Maybe it is a good idea to differ to George’s social media, and take the exact opposite position he’s taking. Probably the morally superior idea.

Soros’ Quiet Revolution Through Liberal Elite Higher Education Cesspools

The thing is, the world order is evolving, and new lines have been drawn. Russia will roll into Europe, and China will move into Taiwan, and beyond.


Sigh, hello, Rothschild…

Confirmed! China Backs Russia. Taiwan Is Next. On With The Reset.

I believe it is completely a black war. I am convinced Putin is in there taking out those networks. If that is successful, all the covert communications are gone within the deep state. A bigger strategic target is Okraine than anything in DC or Ottawa.

Look, end of the day, war sucks. Russians don’t want this, but most understand unfortunately it came to it.

I’d like to think this is a noble cause of Putin’s, but history tells me that geopolitics is pre-planned and scripted. The Great Reset wants to starve us into our transition, war is best for bringing famine and disease.

Klaus Schwab, in short… “we need a Great reset!”, and we’re using China to do it.

The Great Reset: Prepare for De-Industrialization Winter 2021!

We’ll find out soon enough.

Bonus stuff:

FBI: Neo-Nazi Militia Trained by US Military in Ukraine Now Training US White Supremacists.


February 24, 2022


Now on with the plan…

Russia Given Lead in WEFs Center for 4th Industrial Revolution!