So many reasons that #TrudeauMustGo

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• Personal/Vacation Days:

• SNC Lavelin ethics vilations: (ref)(ref)


• Phoenix Pay System: (ref)


• Kokanee Groper: (ref)(ref)(ref)

“I’m sorry,” the editorial alleged Trudeau to have said. “If I had known you were reporting for a national paper, I never would have been so forward.” (ref)

• AG interference: (ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)

Trudeau’s Ex-Attorney General: ‘Veiled Threats’ Were Made to Drop Case (ref)

• Aga Khan Island Vacation: (ref)(ref)(ref)


• John Kerry meets Justin Trudeau at Aga Khan Island:

Watch this asshole mutter his way through explaining his entirely illegal conversation with John Kerry who were secretly discussing how Obama had a plan to keep Trump from office.(ref)

• New Investigation ordered in Khan Island vacation: (ref)(ref)


• $2.5B Infrastructure Bank funds missing: (ref)


• Pipeline Failures: (ref)(ref)

  • Energy East: $15.1 billion (ref)
  • Pacific Northwest LNG: $35 billion (ref)
  • Northern Gateway: $7.9 billion (ref)
  • Aurora LNG: $28 billion (ref)(ref)
  • Grassy Point LNG: $15 billion (ref)

• Trans Mountain disaster: (ref)


• Keystone: (ref)


• Climate Alarmist: (ref)(ref)


• Foreign Aid [aka Funding Terrorism]: (ref)


• Importing Chinese Steel: (ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)


Trudeau opened the door for China to continue dumping their garbage steel in Canada. Trump had good reason for using “National Security” as a basis for steel tariffs to address the issue of Chinese steel dumping. The US uses a lot of ‘Canadian’ steel, and CA is considered part of US defense industrial base. This is dangerous.(ref)


• Carbon Tax: (ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)


• Public Transportation Credit: (ref)(ref)(ref)


• Child Fitness/Arts Credit: (ref)(ref)


• Omar Khadr $10m payday: (ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)


• Welcoming Isis Fighters to Canada: (ref)(ref)


• Open Borders: (ref)

• Tries to stop Open Borders: (ref)(ref)(ref)

• Morneau’s French Villas: (ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)

• Kent Hehr: (ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)

• #elbowgate: (ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)


• Canadian Infrastructure Bank: (ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)

• Butt’s revolving door: (ref)

• Mr Dressup (ref):

• #blackface: (ref)(ref)(ref)

• #TwoFacedTrudeau: (ref)(ref)(ref)


• Massive deficits: (ref)(ref)

Image result for trudeau deficits

• Not mentioning Alberta on Canada Day: (ref)

• $215k vacation billed to taxpayers: (ref)

• Broken promises on Electoral Reform: (ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)

• Peoplekind:


• Inviting Sikh extremist to India: (ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)

• Does not care about Indigenous people:


• No answers in Parliament: (ref)(ref)

• Snubbing soldiers families from Afghan memorial commemoration: (ref)(ref)(ref)

• Photo-op with Joshua Boyle: (ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)

• Snubbing Alberta workers who had driven across the country (ref):

• $8.2M for an ice rink on Parliament Hill: (ref)(ref)

• Poor parliament attendance: (ref)(ref)

• Highest per-capita spending of any fed government in modern times: (ref)(ref)(ref)

• Chinese Infrastructure Bank: (ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)

• Robert Hall & John Ridsdel beheaded in Philippines:

• Huawei & China’s ‘arbitrary detention of Canadians:

• M103: (ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)

• Bombardier bailout: (ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)

• Sewage in our waters: (ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)

• Canadians jailed in China: (ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)

• Fridges for Loblaws: (ref)(ref)(ref)

• $600M to fund media with ALT LEFT Unifor to allocate the funds: (ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)

• Vote Buying: (ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)

• “Low income people don’t pay taxes”:


• Veterans are asking for more than we can give: (ref)


• Firing of Jody Wilson-Reybold and Jane Philpott:

• McClintic, Tori Stafford’s murderer, in a healing lodge: (ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)

• Statistics Canada data mine Canadian banking institutions: (ref)(ref)(ref)

• Railroading 5 ethics violations:

• Kim Campbell as adviser to Supreme Court Advisory Board: (ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)

• U.N. Global Compact For Migration: (ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)

• Calling Canadians names: (ref)(ref)

• Refers to small business owners as Tax Cheat: (ref)

• Homophobe: (ref)

• Shermans: (ref)(ref)

• Pedophelia/Trudeau Foundation: (ref)

• Mark Norman: (ref)(ref)(ref)(ref)


• Sasha Trudeau: (ref)

• Trudeau Foundation pay-for-play: (ref)

• McCall MacBain bribery scandal: (ref)(ref)

• LGBTQ2 Agenda:

6 thoughts on “So many reasons that #TrudeauMustGo

    1. Yeah, that’s probably the most annoying thing that he does.. every day working Canadians don’t get holidays away in the sun every year .. but Trudeau seems to take them multiple times per year .. he’s a very aristocratic type ruler .. he enjoys the luxuries of his silver spoon lifestyle and works in time for his photo ops and parliamentary performances.. I cannot believe how stupid Canadians are voting for this idiot again in 2019.

  1. Michael De Adder has made a cartoon that looks very much like the CIN cartoon of man behind the curtain.. have you seen it yet? Michael De Adder is a Mount Allison University arts alumni… a guy who says he is a centrist but has hardly any cartoons about Hillary and Obama but lots of Trump cartoons.. over 100K twitter followers… imagine that? https://indiemediaeastcoastcanada.blogspot.com/2020/01/michaels-take-on-things-stephen-harper.html

  2. Canada Seeks Prison for Christian Who Stood Against LGBT
    Friday Jan 25,2020
    EXCLUSIVE: Canadian authorities are going all out to imprison a Christian street preacher who stood against the LGBT juggernaut, sparking urgent concerns about human-rights and anti-Christian persecution in America’s increasingly radicalized neighbor to the north.
    “Who are we as a nation?”
    “I think this is the most important questions Canada faces, and any nation faces. Who are we as Canadians, and what is the role of the government?”
    It is the most important question any nation faces, and it is one that Bill Whatcott of Canada is determined to get answers to. It is also the driving question behind his activism. If you do not know his name, you should. He has been arrested over 30 times for asking this question in front of abortion clinics and on college campuses; but now he is the main subject of a test case by the Canadian fascist, “liberal” party and their war on Christianity. His criminal trial starts in June, and it should be one that everyone is looking at if you love freedom and religious liberty across North America.
    Bill facing 2 years in prison for another peaceful protest of regressive communist policies that attempt to silence Christians on social questions. This is an attempt to set precedent in Canada for all Christians, preachers, and protesters that will work their way down to America if the secular humanists have their way. This means, if they can do it to him, they know they can do it to you. The picture above shows Bill protesting the persecution of Christians in 2014, dressed harmlessly as “The High Priest of the Flying Spaghetti Monsters”, which is a common trope atheists use to insult Christians. In fact, this phrase is so important to atheists, he was sued by an American atheist group who had trademarked the name for their brand of Christian hatred. He has been doing these protests for 3 decades.
    Bill’s state-run trial could land him with up to 2 years in prison for a similar 2016 non-violent protest in Toronto where he suited up again as a “Gay Zombie Cannabis Consumer” which is par for the course at the Pride Parade where men were naked with rainbow flags hanging from their genitals. Parents have been convinced that bringing their children to these events is the definition of “tolerance” through targeting education for years of incrementalism in the legal and school system of Canada. Disagreeing with this degeneracy now falls under Sec 319; “Willful Promotion of Hatred.”
    His crime? Handing out Bible Scripture and CDC pamphlets on the homosexual and promiscuous lifestyle being detrimental to health of the population of Canada. The government, including Justin Trudeau, took part in a civil suit against Whatcott. They claimed he was in violation of Pride Parade rules because they were handed out under false pretenses and put everyone at risk. They were. He did trick people. They believed they were being handed condoms for orgies, and to their “horror”, they actually got the Word of God and health facts called “Bible condoms.” He spent 3 years, and a small fortune, fighting a $104 million dollar civil suit for his activism in this parade led by the former Canadian Deputy Premier, George Smitherman and the full backing of the Canadian government.
    This civil suit was not enough. The Magistrate in Toronto and liberal government of Canada were not satisfied and wanted to silence anyone with the will to stand up to tyrants. No Christian, health professional, psychologist, or logical person is allowed to ask the question “Is this spectacle of pornographic imagery, forced transgenderism, and open pedophilia good for our country?” It seems important, and it also seems to be self-evident.
    If Bill loses you may be next. He is flamboyant, but he is not dumb. He held a medical license that was pulled for his protests of abortion clinics. He is well versed on Western medicine and psychology, and that is why his brand of Christianity is dangerous to the totalitarian ruling class who want population control, secular humanism, and a docile society that will not question their regressive policies. He is not just fighting with Holy Scripture. He is fighting with scientific fact and logical questions about Canada’s future.
    There is a media blackout on this case in Canada, so the state-run media can say what they would like about him, but he cannot respond. We will stay current on this case, and any other government that looks to subvert their people through misinformation and centralized schools. Be vigilant in the face of tyrants.

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