Planning the Downfall of America

Trudeau, BLM, the Muslim Brotherhood & the Illuminati: #DownfallOfAmerica

  • BLM is an Islamic Revolutionary Front
  • Designed by the Global elite & Rothschild Illuminati
  • Goal is to DESTABILIZE the USA through riots, social unrest, race wars, under funding police services!
  • The Global Elite called the “Black Nobility” are doing this to implement Depopulation Agenda 2030
  • Group Includes: Royal Family, the Jesuit-Vatican, Rothschild Illuminati; BLACKS & WHITES!
  • Pierre Trudeau part of this through CLUB OF ROME
  • Sinclair family has DIRECT ties!
  • Trudeau’s Grandfather James Sinclair part of Sinclair Clan
  • They established the Knights Templar & Freemasonry
  • The Knights Templar worshiped a “Satanic Demon” called “Baphomet” or “Mohammed”
  • Knights Templar were in fact secret Muslims.
  • Below is Justin Trudeau wearing the Sinclair Clan tartan adorned with a sporran holding 3 lucky rabbit feet, an occult symbol.
  • They believed the rabbit, being a burrowing animal, could communicate with the spirits of the underworld
  • VIDEO: https://facebook.com/watch/?v=10155
  • Bottom Right: Sinclair Crest
  • Rooster a Knights Templar symbol found on their weapons used in ancient Scottish Rite and French Rite Freemason ceremonies and is directly tied to the Rosicrucian Illuminati
  • The Illuminati offspring have been placed in powerful positions!
  • Trudeau’s presence at BLM rally is a globalist coup to destabilize the United States & Canada by causing divisiveness, chaos & encouraging race wars to justify a militarized state they need for their New World Order!
  • BLM rally in Iran promoting #Downfall_of_America.
  • Black Lives Matter=ANTIFA=Muslim Brotherhood
  • PEOPLE of the USA unite against propaganda!
  • Rothschild is playing you using the MEDIA!
  • It was Pierre Trudeau who financed & sponsored the Club of Rome “Limits to Growth” (1972) Depopulation Agenda 2030 that the Global Elite are implementing!
  • Justin Trudeau is his father’s son… put in place by the global elite!

Forgotten Battles Against the Deep State Part 5: The True Story Behind the October Crisis of 1970 Must Be Told

  • Let this sink in….
  • Hillary Clinton is also the 8th cousin to Justin Trudeau!

Hillary Clinton’s Quebec ancestry dates back to New France

Clinton related to Trudeau, Obama to Churchill

  • Barack Obama & John McCain related to the “Bush Family” aka “Black Nobility” aka “Illuminati”
  • Hillary Clinton related to Trudeau & Camilla Parker-Bowles (married to Prince Charles) aka “Black Nobility”
  • Descendants of the NWO!
  • See what is happening?
  • The UN telling it’s organisation to support ANTIFA
  • Rallies to DEFUND the police will cause the military to move in… leading to REVOLUTION…. then NWO! #RefuseNWO #DeathToTheNWO

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UN Police Training Center is in… China!

Satanists Michael Aquino (Clan Campbell) is married to Lilith Sinclair (Clan Sinclair)

Alleged Antifa member waving the UN flag

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  1. Another fantastic article for sharing in Canada and beyond… William is the 1000th Knights of Malta remember.. the anti-christ nazi royal fakers are going down.
    Its an absolute shitshow by design. Has the CIN done any digs into the Greg Hallett claim yet? Would be great to see that.. top video on Bitchute has graphics for your website with over 25K views now.. I collaborate and I share your work with thanks.
    https://www.bitchute.com/video/MO5DpNcFVGLM/ .. Keep up the great works!

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