Operation Sidewinder: The Chinese Invasion of Canada

  • RCMP-CSIS investigated links between PM Chretien, Desmarais & influence on Canadian politicians.
  • Warned Canadians about the Chinese takeover of Canada!
  • No one listened!

Operation Sidewinder

  • Operation Sidewinder: A Threat to National Security!
  • Links the Chinese Communist Govt & Chinese Military Intelligence to Canadian Corporations; Power Corporation
  • Trudeau, Chretien, & Desmarais all implicated!

Jean Chretien and the Sidewinder Report

Just the Facts: Liberal party’s connections to China’s communist regime

  • Many Conservative Party Leaders have also pushed the Desmarais-Chinese Communist Party Line!
  • Mulroney, Harper, MacKay, Bernier are all Desmarais Boys!

Former Cabinet Minister Who Signed Letter Calling On Canada To Release Meng Wanzhou Is A Member Of #TeamMacKay

  • CPC Erin O’Toole was a lawyer with Stikeman Elliot that represented Li Ka Shing director of Beijing CITIC of China investigated by CSIS: “Project Sidewinder” for drug smuggling, espionage, money laundering, influencing Politicians

China set up crime web in Canada, report says

6 Degrees of Separation?

  • CITIC Group is owned by People’s Republic of China
  • Desmarais is board member on CITIC in China!
  • CITIC & Desmarais Power Corporation are also founding member of the Canada-China Business Council!
  • As are these corporations:

Canada China Business Council Founding Members

  • Over 200 Canadian businesses listed in “Project Sidewinder” operating in Canada, all secretly controlled by the Chinese Government!
  • Thousands of Chinese Intelligence Agents based in Canada!
  • China has already invaded!


Project Sidewinder: Canadian Security, Chinese Infiltration, and the Long Cold War

  • And Canadian Politicians are assisting in this Chinese Invasion!
  • What exactly is Canadian Ambassador John McCallum telling the Chinese? Several Chinese articles quote John McCallum as stating Canada needs another 30.5 MILLION IMMIGRANTS?
  • Chinese nationals spent billions buying Canadian property, increasing prices & making ownership impossible for Canadians!
  • Politicians like”Mai Jialian” (John MacCallum in China) Offers Visas & Citizenship to 30 million Chinese!
  • Justin Trudeau has spent billions in infrastructure to build Vancouver port, road, rail & border linking Western Canada to China!
  • Richmond, BC is already over 50% Chinese!
  • Canadian universities also almost 50% foreign students!

B.C. could gain from strategic infrastructure spending by Trudeau

  • Here is Liberal MP Richard T. Lee of Burnaby BC:
  • President of the BC Cultural Diversity Assoc.
  • Promotes Diversity at “Masjid Al-Salaam”
  • SAME MOSQUE where Ottawa gunman ZEHAF BIBEAU was radicalized!
  • Richard T. Lee served 16 years as MLA for Burnaby BC where he promoted & facilitated trade & intergovernmental exchange between Canada & China!
  • Also Trudeau’s choice for Burnaby South!
  • What are his connections with the Vancouver Port Authority?

Federal Liberals announce another Chinese candidate Richard T. Lee, as their Karen Wang replacement, for Burnaby South

  • Richard T. Lee alias”Li Canming”appointed Parliamentary Secretary to Asia-Pacific Initiative with trade offices in China
  • API managed by Kevin Tsui China’s director for “Canada China Business Council”
  • API also part of China’s Belt & Road Initiative!

Trump threat drives Japan and China closer

  • The Liberals were not the only ones involved!
  • Harper sold out Canada to China through FIPA!
  • China will own us for the next 31 years!
  • At the 4:54 time mark “Project Sidewinder”
  • Here is the History of The Asia-Pacific Initiative…. funded by both the Liberals & Conservatives!
  • All Parties are Corrupt!
  • All in League with China & the United Nations!

Asia Pacific Gateway – Brief History of Canada’s Pacific Gateway

All Parties Are Corrupt: Harper & Trudeau In League With UN & Soros

  • Prime Minister Chretien & RCMP covered up the investigation!
  • Project Sidewinder @12:30 mark:
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Francois-Philippe Champagne Calls China “Inclusive”
  • He owes China 1.2 million dollars!

John Ivison: Canada’s most senior diplomat owes China $1.2 million. He’s vulnerable

  • The Asia-Pacific Foundation Act was created by Pierre Trudeau’s Government in 1984 & put in place by Brian Mulroney Government in 1985
  • It acts as a “Knowledge Broker”

Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

Canada’s leading organization for research, analysis, and consultation on Canada-Asia relations

Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada Act

  • Senior Advisor Desmarais Power Corporation is a board member to Asia-Pacific Foundation along with Jean Charest
  • Desmarais & Charest are part of the Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission as is the Asia-Pacific Group

The Trilateral Commission

Who We Are – Board of Directors

  • For All of you that think this is a Conspiracy, think again!
  • Here is leader Asia-Pacific Initiative!
  • China’s Belt & Road in Vancouver!
  • Seattle better not go to the UN!
  • UN Police training in China! Mandate is take-over local police!

Inaugural Symposium of Policy Entrepreneur’s Platform (PEP)

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