The Globalists Want The COVID Jab In Every Single Human Being!

Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, MPH He is the most widely published medical scholar in the world in his field. Dr. McCullough is an expert in the field of cardiorenal medicine, an editor of two major journals, and an accomplished research scholar.

In this chilling clip, Dr. McCullough confirms the “pandemic” has always been about the vaccine. He explains the globalist “stakeholder” desperation for everyone on planet earth to get the jab.

I’m assuming it’s a euphemism for mandating it. After all, the public is “stakeholders”. World Economic Forum talks about replacing “shareholder capitalism” with “stakeholder capitalism”, a euphemism for communism.

“You can’t refuse to roll up your sleeve. Think of the other stakeholders in the community.” It will be some line like that.

clip courtesy of CBK News

It is impossible to discount what Dr. McCullough is saying, especially since the military has been instrumental in both the USA through Operation Warp Speed and Canada through it’s military.

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#GreatReset #DarkWinter #CircuitBreakerLockdown #BuildBackBetter

8 thoughts on “The Globalists Want The COVID Jab In Every Single Human Being!

  1. The war rages on “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” and no matter what the good and well meaning doctors AND activists are saying the medical-military-academic-media complex is gunning for them all collectively.. you have to admit this time feels like that explosive section on a night of fireworks where they’re just throwing everything up and its massive and its amazing and its huge… and its awe-inspiring… and then the quiet hits … they’re done… just some dwindling smoke in the air … when they’re done. Looking forward to that calm… I only wish these ‘magicians’ would use their powers for the good in this world…. “I’ll see you in the beauty that’s to come.” – John Lamb Lash, Nemeta.org #SMASH TECHNOCRACY #DEATH TO THE NWO

  2. Thanks – shared at Tantramar Landowners… in southern New Brunswick… so close to New Glasgow Nova Scotia but yet so far away… missing the maritime jaunts … feeling the squeeze.
    Getting the vaxx is the carrot they are dangling out there for the ‘return to normal’ it would be laughable if it was not so sinister and seeing how many people are falling for this con is wild!

  3. Hi,
    I live in China and no one wants the vaccine. And in China MRNA vaccines are non existent.
    What the evil globalists wanted was to dismantle China back in mid 2020, but they failed.
    Now the West is in skit, being de populated. Don’t blame China, instead refuse the MRNA vaccine and move to China, easy to find an English teaching job 😉

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