ExQori∆: The Franco Vitaliano/ExQor Cognitive Cloud

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM

Through the Obama Brain Initiative, we’ve been able to uncover the Clathrin GQD neural interface technology 1 , the Brain Initiative programs that deployed the technology globally 2, the ExQor central holding company 3 and the MetaQor pipeline with which the technology is deployed universally. 4

The technology and companies are the life work of Franco & Gordana Vitaliano.

What does this neural interface connect to?  

Presenting Vitaliano’s “ExQori∆!  ExQor’s COGNITIVE Cloud”!

ExQor is the parent company of ExQori∆. ExQor is the central holding company of the Clathrin neural interface that is the backbone of the mRNA technology. Not used for healthcare, or for creating antibodies against disease… but a brain interface. A self aware, self assembling neural interface. 5 

ExQori∆ is the Cognitive Cloud that the Clathrin neural interface connects with.  The ramifications are immense; ExQor subsidiary MetaQor controls the pipeline that delivers the technology ultimately to your neurons, and then ExQor subsidiary ExQori∆ is the pipeline that retrieves the information from your brain and delivers it to the Quantum Computer.  One hitch, the ExQori∆ pipeline is two way…

The Obama White House Archives under the Obama Brain Initiative, has the full record of this undertaking. 6

In this Franco Vitaliano email from the Obama Archives, you can see they were focused on disrupting people’s cognition, especially at a young age.  They are after our children; they were already planning to connect our toddlers’ minds to each other through the Quantum Cloud on behalf of Artificial Intelligence.  This was in 2010… but the Obama Brain Initiative didn’t start until 2013?…

ExQor is proud of the fact that they tick all the Transhumanist boxes when implementing their full spectrum dominance in the neural interface/quantum cloud technology.

Here Franco talks about an “Internet Pipeline”: 7

“Fri 10/21/2011 11:03 AM Re: National Bioeconomy Blueprint


“It occurred to me that a brief overview of what an Internet pipeline is, does, and how it differs from other Internet applications like search may be helpful. Attached is a brief backgrounder, along with a few slides on how we use a Pipeline as an application example. Please find attached my 2-page precis for the OST Bioeconomy RFI. If deemed worthwhile, I can provide an expanded version for the RFI.

“Regards, Franco Vitaliano President & CEO ExQor Technologies, Inc”

He then submits these supporting documents: 8 9 10

Harvesting DNA without blood via the ExQori∆ pipeline.

I will go through slides from the Obama White House Archives: 11

Medical data through the internet network. 12

All put together by Vitaliano’s company ExQori∆.

Franco Vitaliano put it all together with the IoT (Internet of Things). They say it does the work for you, all you have to do is ask questions, it gives you the answers.

Will it allow you to ask the questions in order to deactivate this system?

It is a living being within you. You would need to take the system offline; deactivate the rGO. Then you could ask the questions one on one. How would it answer then?

The literature also states it connects to a Quantum Computer. The ExQori∆ website linked us to the EQORIA Cloud! Unbeknownst to you, you are becoming an EQORIA Citizen! Thanks to your little Clathrin companions. 13

I kid you not, this is their Quantum Cloud, that unites all of us in harmony, interfaced by the GQD Clathrin triskelion.  Found in the Obama White House Archives! 14

Established 12-12-12 and doors open December 2023!

Full ExQori∆ slide presentation from Obama White House Archive:


mRNA Developer, Obama “Brain Interface” Tzar, Directly Connected to Fauci & AI Transhumanist COVID Agenda

There are two fundamentals people are missing:

  1. Without 5G, there is NO functioning vaccine.
  2. With 5G, anything imaginable becomes fuel for the vaccine.

There are no “sides”, there are only “chips” and Quantum Enslavement. Use your own mind or die inside their hive.

Blushield EMF Protection: CIN 

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