Treatment for the Elimination of Graphene Oxide From the Body: The Nano Bucket

[January 15, 2023. We will leave this article up for the record, but we don’t stand by these protocols any longer. The nanobucket will only INCREASE Clathrin Nanotech function. see: ENDGAME]

CIN examined the science behind the removal of Graphene oxide or carbon nanotubules many claim are in the vaccine or the COVID swabs and we came to the conclusion that a small magnetic field placed at the feet would help to eliminate these carbon-based nanoparticles and tubules.

Here is one possible treatment that can be used for the elimination of these Graphene oxide nano-particles from the body. If you have come across other treatments (pre-pandemic) please let us know!


Herbalist Tony Pantalleresco Makes the Anti Nano Bucket with a healthy dose of humor. 

You will need;
a 5 gallon bucket
10, 12, 14 gauge wire (10 gauge is thicker and can allow more electrons to flow through it)
5 amp power adaptor

1 gallon of vinegar
2 gallons of distilled water
1/4 cup of sea salts
1 teaspoon of oil
2 cap-fulls (10 mls) DMSO (please wear gloves do not touch skin with this)
and 1 hour to stick your feet in the bucket


Now Let’s Explain the Science:

Both Graphene oxide (GO) and Carbon nanotubes ( GO fibers or CNT)) have been widely studied for their potential applications in many fields from nanotechnology to biotechnology. Because of their electromagnetic properties they can be manipulated by an external magnetic field which allows them to be moved within and separated from solutions. Magnetism offers an active way to not only trap carbon nanotubes but to control their movement and position within their suspended medium, in this case deionised water in a glass vial. In theory, this could also work with GO and CNTs in your blood!


Two physicists searching for a novel way to prevent heart attacks and strokes have discovered that strong magnetic fields can dramatically reduce the thickness, or viscosity, of blood flowing through a tube. The pair speculate that if this effect holds for blood in veins and arteries, scientists might someday develop a magnetic alternative to medicines designed to keep blood flowing in humans.

Strokes and heart attacks, the leading causes of death in the industrialized world, are often linked to high blood viscosity. Thicker blood damages blood vessels, and in repairing the damage, the vessels build up fatty deposits, which make strokes and heart attacks more likely. Currently, the only way to reduce blood viscosity is with drugs like aspirin, which inhibit the tendency of blood to clot. 

The researchers discovered that just 1 minute inside the field was enough to reduce the blood viscosity by 20% to 30%. After exposure, the viscosity went back up to its original value after about 2 hours, but they could repeat the process to take it down again. 

The magnetic effect, the researchers say, all comes down to hemoglobin, the iron-based protein inside red blood cells. In the same way that iron filings align themselves along the field lines around a bar magnet, so the red blood cells align themselves along the straight field lines of the electromagnet. This reduces viscosity in several ways. For one, the cells become streamlined with the direction of flow. The alignment allows more cells to pack into the same volume and allowing more room for movement.

One catch with the technique is that the blood flow must be in the same direction as the magnetic field. The effect wouldn’t be the same when an entire body is in an MRI machine, for example, because blood vessels travel in all different directions. But according to one of the scientists he doesn’t think this would be a problem. “There’s no need to apply the magnetic field to the whole body,” he explains. “In fact, we just need to apply the magnetic field locally—for example, apply the magnetic field parallel to one artery.” By putting one artery in the field for a few minutes, he says, blood circulation would transmit the effect to the whole body. With refinement, the technique will allow patients who are not hospital-bound to check into a clinic only twice a day for treatment, to keep their blood viscosity down permanently.

The magnet will not impact Red Blood Cells since the iron in blood is in the form hemoglobin, and it’s not ferromagnetic. That’s just as well, because if it was even slightly ferromagnetic, it would mean an MRI scan would be fatal given the massive magnetic fields involved.

In theory, applying a small magnetic field using the nano-bucket (above) should act to pull the GO and CNTs from your bloodstream while also reducing viscosity or thickness thereby preventing clots! It will also help to breakup the lipid nanoparticles (polyethylene glycol bound to GO) enclosing the viral mRNA. In doing so it will prevent the viral mRNA from entering your body cells where it causes spike protein production. As a result, the mRNA would remain inside your blood unable to penetrate your body cells. Hopefully this GO detoxification will reduce spike protein production, clotting and toxicity while preventing viral mRNA from getting into cells!

Diagram: This image shows the magnetic fields created within coils. By putting your feet in the pail the blood flow is parallel to the magnetic field of the coil. As blood circulates in your legs the magnetic coil attracts the Graphene oxide nano particles. The solutions in the pail then help pull those nano particles out of the body thereby detoxifying the body of Graphene oxide.

Why is DMSO is added? In addition to its anti-inflammatory effects, DMSO possesses the ability to rapidly and easily penetrate the skin. DMSO serves as a carrier to enhance the penetration of various agents through the skin into underlying synovial, connective, and interstitial tissues and while also detoxifying harmful substances out.

Why is salt added? Salt is added to create an osmotic gradient allowing for the movement of material out of blood capillaries.

Why is vinegar added? White vinegar is added to open and unclog the pores of your skin allowing toxins to move out.


Better results will be achieved with the nanobucket if you add a Neodymium magnet in the bottom of the pail (cover with plastic) You will find it will collect Graphene oxide particles at the end of your treatment. For maintenance purposes we recommend wearing 2-4 open copper bracelets on your wrists, bracelets that contain Neodymium magnets. These Neodymium Magnets will also destroy nanobots in circulation! Nanobots have three key components: a graphene oxide exterior to absorb lead (or another heavy metal); a nickel core that enables researchers to control the nanobots’ movement via a magnetic field; and an inner platinum coating that functions as an coating that functions as an engine and propels the bots forward via a chemical reaction with hydrogen peroxide (FYI: Don’t do the Hydrogen Peroxide treatment).